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How to optimise the planning of meeting rooms?

The management of meeting rooms can [...]

Access control

Increasingly, companies are [...]

Human resources at the heart of digital transformation

The world of work is constantly changing.

Launch: Hamilton Visitor gets modernised

At Hamilton Apps, we continue to imagine [...]

How to avoid cyber attacks?

The year 2020 was not only marked by the [...]

3 tips for managing your work schedule

It's already the end of the holidays. Who [...]

When flexibility comes to your office!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the [...]

Customer satisfaction at Hamilton Apps

While for many years the [...]

Key figures for meetings in France

Numerous articles and reports on the [...]

Innovative solutions for the events sector

From the beginning of the health crisis, [...]

4 tips on teleworking

Since March 2019, the pandemic has pushed [...]

Hamilton Apps - Corporate Video

Subtitle Hamilton Apps is a publisher of [...]

Agri-food sector puts visitor management to the test

Since the beginning of the health crisis, [...]

Managing patient reception in the medical environment

In 2021, the expression "to take one's pain in one's stride" will [...]

Hamilton Visitor - Visitor Management Video

Hamilton Visitor allows you to manage your reception

Safeware becomes Hamilton Apps

With Hamilton Apps, we are building on the foundations of Safeware.

The GDPR & Visitor Management: a major challenge for companies

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which came into force three years ago (on 25 May 2018), is not limited to the topics of computer processing and cyber security.

What is the point of an electronic duty log?

The management and traceability of incidents are modernizing

Fundraising with our partner Round2 Capital

As part of the acceleration of our commercial development and our continuous innovation process, the financing of our projects is an essential component.

Strengthening visitor management - Partnership

Hamilton Visitor and BGM announce the formalization of their partnership in the service of businesses

A new feature – Contactless check-in

Still responsible, Hamilton Apps now offers a new feature to reduce all health risks, contactless reception.

Innovation at the service of well-being at work

Innovation for well-being is one of the most important things. Find out how Hamilton Apps makes your day-to-day business easier.

Open space, Flex office...

Digitalise your workspaces (for real)!

Interview with BFM Business

In October, we did our first interview with BFM Business.

Hamilton Visitor on iPad

Manage your reception from an iPad... It's possible!