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Discover Hamilton Visitor SSR at Eurosatory 2024

Hamilton Apps announces its presence at the [...].

Hamilton Apps and Epson at GITEX Africa, Marrakech

Hamilton Apps is delighted to be taking part in [...].

10 tips for choosing the right coworking space

In 2024, the emergence of localized coworking, in [...]

Comparative guide to choosing the right visitor management software

Do you remember when, for you, the [...]

Master the organization of workspaces with efficient meeting room management

Factor influencing productivity and productivity [...]

Pre-registration and registration: key stages in welcoming visitors

Welcoming visitors is a key stage [...].

Maximize the efficiency of your space reservation in hybrid work mode

A hybrid model has the advantage of combining [...].

10 best practices for a successful transition to a hybrid organization with teleworking

The world is changing fast, and the transition [...].

5 best practices for managing handrails

Incident ticket management is a [...]

What are the benefits of managing a handrail?

To manage risk, it's crucial to [...]

Tips for managing your meeting room reservations for an optimal working environment 

In the world of modern, professional work, [...]

Hamilton Apps and Ellz and Beyond: a synergy of experts to revolutionize the user experience in workspaces

PRESS RELEASE Paris, March 14, 2024 For [...]

Ensuring a professional welcome thanks to optimal visitor registration

Welcoming people into a professional environment will [...]

Keys to success for an office implementing teleworking

Telecommuting has become an essential component [...].

5 Tips for managing meeting room reservations

In today's dynamic business world, [...]

Digitizing the banking experience

Digitizing the way banks welcome customers is a [...].

What is the purpose of access control for visitors?

Access control systems allow you to [...]

Hamilton Apps & Epson at the Empack for the Spanish market

Hamilton Apps is delighted to be taking part in the [...].

How to use the Flex Office for Human Resources

In terms of human resources management, [...].

Visitor management software to meet your essential needs

No more paper visitor registers! From [...]

Hamilton Apps & Epson, a partnership to welcome visitors

PRESS RELEASE Paris, September 04, 2023 Hamilton [...]

5 Tips for improving your Flex Office

From confinement to telecommuting to [...].


Flex Office is a trend that is gaining [...].


Managing meeting rooms has never been [...].

3 Questions to Yannice Darnal, Site Manager, Groupe Avril

Founded in 1983 by the French food industry [...].

The visitor's register, a support par excellence!

Collecting information from visitors is a [...]

Digitalization of the reception of visitors in banks and insurance companies

Digitization is changing the way [...].

Make it easier to reserve rooms for association events

Organizing associative events can be a [...]

Rationalize the m2 of your offices

In an interview given by Pascal GILABER, [...]

Digitalization for hybrid work

PRESS RELEASE Paris, February 21, 2023, Partnership [...].

Identify visitors to sensitive sites

The security of sensitive sites is crucial [...]

Reserve meeting rooms and work spaces

You are planning to invest in a software solution for your company.

Turnkey solution to welcome visitors

Modern companies are looking for [...]

Take advantage of the free test with Hamilton apps

You manage several meeting rooms, your company is [...]

Workspace organization: a real challenge

The management of conference rooms is not [...]

Advantages: digitizing the visitor's register

Many institutions systematically record the name of their [...]

Empty rooms: how to avoid false reservations?

The priority is always given to the one who [...]

Optimize your time and workspace

Technology helps in the improvement of the quality of life.

Entrance badges: are they necessary in a company?

Safety is one of the concerns of the [...]

Software management gym: ally of the organization

Your gym offers different courses [...].

What are the norms for the reception of PRMs?

Access to kiosks in some businesses [...]

Events, 7 steps to set up before the big day

Better than a few hours of meetings, [...]

Don't leave rooms unoccupied, optimize your space

You manage a company, a gym, a restaurant or a [...]

Facilitating the registration of visitors in a retirement home.

The elderly are one of the most important groups of people in our society.

Plan your meetings seamlessly with Hamilton Apps

With the development of technology, the [...]

Fast and convenient room reservation software

You regularly organize meetings and events.

Have you thought about people with disabilities?

Equip your meeting rooms, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, [...]

Fitness: planning group classes

The use of technology is now pervading a large part of the [...]

How to optimise the planning of meeting rooms?

The management of meeting rooms can [...]

Access control

Increasingly, companies are [...]

Human resources at the heart of digital transformation

The world of work is constantly changing.

Launch: Hamilton Visitor gets modernised

At Hamilton Apps, we continue to imagine [...]

How to avoid cyber attacks?

The year 2020 was not only marked by the [...]

3 tips for managing your work schedule

It's already the end of the holidays. Who [...]

When flexibility comes to your office!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the [...]

Customer satisfaction at Hamilton Apps

While for many years the [...]

Key figures for meetings in France

Numerous articles and reports on the [...]

Innovative solutions for the events sector

From the beginning of the health crisis, [...]

4 tips on teleworking

Since March 2019, the pandemic has pushed [...]

Hamilton Apps - Corporate Video

Subtitle Hamilton Apps is a publisher of [...]

Agri-food sector puts visitor management to the test

Since the beginning of the health crisis, [...]

Managing patient reception in the medical environment

In 2021, the expression "to take one's pain in one's stride" will [...]

Hamilton Visitor - Visitor Management Video

Hamilton Visitor allows you to manage your reception

Safeware becomes Hamilton Apps

With Hamilton Apps, we are building on the foundations of Safeware.

RGPD & visitor management: a major challenge for companies

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which came into force three years ago (on 25 May 2018), is not limited to the topics of computer processing and cyber security.

What is the point of an electronic incident logbook ?

The management and traceability of incidents are modernizing

Fundraising with our partner Round2 Capital

As part of the acceleration of our commercial development and our continuous innovation process, the financing of our projects is an essential component.

Strengthening visitor management - Partnership

Hamilton Visitor and BGM announce the formalization of their partnership in the service of businesses

A new feature – Contactless check-in

Still responsible, Hamilton Apps now offers a new feature to reduce all health risks, contactless reception.

Innovation at the service of well-being at work

Innovation for well-being is one of the most important things. Find out how Hamilton Apps makes your day-to-day business easier.

Open space, Flex office...

Digitalise your workspaces (for real)!

Interview with BFM Business

In October, we did our first interview with BFM Business.

Hamilton Visitor on iPad

Manage your reception from an iPad... It's possible!