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Visitor management software to meet your essential needs

No more paper visitor registers!

Many companies still have paper visitor registers at reception. Not only is keeping a paper visitor register time-consuming, it also has a number of disadvantages in terms of security, archiving, confidentiality and RGPD, and image with customers and visitors.

The reception area is the company's first contact with visitors, partners and guests of all kinds. Through the image conveyed at reception, your company conveys a perception of your values. Visitors will have an immersive experience of the values conveyed by the reception teams and the environment in which this important first contact takes place. To make a success of your meetings with customers, visitors, candidates or partners, it's important to leave a lasting impression with a positive, modern and structured welcome.

Hamilton Apps has launched Hamilton Visitor Starter, the ideal solution to replace your paper visitor register. Visitor registration can be done on PC, tablet or mobile. Visitor Starter is designed for small, medium and large companies. The visitor management software helps companies and organizations to set up a policy for welcoming and managing visitors. As companies become increasingly aware of the importance of visitor care, they move away from paper-based visitor records to digital visitor solutions.

The Hamilton Visitor Starter digital visitor register is designed for companies with essential visitor management needs from €99/month.

This digital visitor management solution helps companies to

1. Make it easier to welcome guests and visitors

You can welcome visitors with the presence of reception teams, or autonomously with a self-service kiosk. The visit management tool enables you to welcome visitors quickly, whatever the daily volume of visits.

2. Secure entrances to buildings and sites

The tool enables you to identify the list of visitors on site in real time. In the event of an inspection or evacuation, you'll have contact details for every guest inside the building.

3. Modernizing the reception area for an excellent image

The paper supports at the building reception desk, with personal and confidential data, visible without a password, not secured at the entrance, is not compliant with data confidentiality regulations, and gives a messy image to the reception desk.

4. Optimize resources across multiple sites

You can analyze the dashboards provided to adapt your workforce to your reception needs in advance. There are no surprises: the Starter tool's functionalities will help you organize your reception.

Since the post-pandemic period, companies have been keen to optimize the time spent together on site. During the 2 to 3 days of face-to-face meetings, the working environment needs more than ever to be pleasant and optimized. This means improving the collective experience of teams, as well as improving tools and workspaces. Time-consuming, error-prone tasks can be alleviated by technology. As a result, reception teams can concentrate on the essential task of satisfying customers, guests and job applicants. Visitor management software simplifies visitor reception policy. The software helps companies of all sizes to manage their visitors. It's an all-in-one tool.

What features does Hamilton Visitor Starter have to offer?

1. Pre-registration and guest check-in

The tool offers 3 ways to welcome your visitors and guests.

- Pre-registration for individual and group tours

You can pre-register your visitors or group of visitors. They receive email notifications summarizing the information they need to get to the appointment.

- Standard real-time recording

You can register your visitors in real time as they arrive at the reception desk.

- Self-service kiosk for self-registration

Your visitors can self-register in 3 clicks on the kiosk, without the need for assistance.

2. Customize to impress visitors

Resident staff or reception teams can easily personalize visit cards, for example by clicking on the VIP tag for an important guest. Teams can also mention the purpose of the visit or any useful notes to make the visit experience as pleasant as possible. Residents can give their guests a personalized welcome simply by looking at their visit card.

3. Statistics on volume of visits and visitor numbers

Thanks to its intuitive screen, the Starter visitor management system gives you a clear overview of visitor activity at the reception desk, the volume of entries, the volume of exits, the number of visits according to the selected period. The data provided will enable you to optimize your resources according to visitor traffic. The data can be downloaded as a csv file or printed.

4. QR Code for smoother building entrances

When visitors pre-register for a visit, they automatically receive an email summarizing information about the visit, including date, time, address, purpose of visit and practical information on how to get there. This notification displays the QR code containing the visit information, which the visitor can scan at the kiosk. The visitor management software automatically informs the resident of the visitor's arrival.

5. Modern and creative badges

The Hamilton Visitor Starter visitor management solution lets you easily create customizable welcome badges. Impress your visitors with your creations.

6. Document signature before access

If your visitor policy requires you to read or sign documents, you can create or download your contracts in just a few clicks. It's quick and easy!

7. Secure connection to our SaaS solutions

All our software offers secure connections and meets the requirements of European regulations on the processing of personal data and RGPD.

8. Cloud-based SaaS software for ease of use

Hamilton Visitor Starter visitor management software is a SaaS solution. It's quick and easy to set up, and suitable for any size of business.

It's easy to discover the new range of visitor management software. Download the application now for free trial for 15 days! Take advantage of all the features on offer.

Would you like a demo? We'd be delighted to help you choose your solution. Contact us for a personalized demo of the Starter, Premium or Enterprise range by filling in this form.