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Have you thought about people with disabilities?

Equip your meeting rooms, conference rooms or sports hall with the solutions you need to welcome people with disabilities. In recent years, security has been stepped up, and all visitors, regardless of their physical or mental condition, have to undergo a complete welcome process, right up to their declaration of arrival on site. Find out how the PMR kiosk can help you welcome disabled visitors.

How to welcome people with disabilities?

If your facility is likely to be used by people with motor impairments, it is essential to make it easy for them to handle and move around. Avoid obstacles, such as narrow passages and hanging advertisements.

Others may be visually impaired. In this case, in addition to offering assistance in moving around, state or publicise your methods of access and circulation on site. For your reception process to work properly, you will need to listen to these visitors and offer them equipment that will be useful to them. Hamilton Apps helps you to define the right solutions for this.

Modernising your reception: PRM reception desk

With a PRM kiosk, you are opting for an inclusive solution that is suitable for everyone and of course for people with disabilities. Don't forget that the reception area is largely responsible for the first impression visitors have of your company. That is why it is important to take care of the visiting experience of the entire target audience in order to create a positive memory for them.

For visitors with disabilities, a harmonious and comfortable space is needed that conveys a clear message of the intention to welcome them in the best conditions. To achieve this, Hamilton Apps offers a PRM kiosk with an intuitive interface and various features.

With our software, you can do away with paper-based materials that make the process complex. The visitor management software we offer stands out for its modern and easy-to-use appearance. In addition to enhancing the value of your company, the contactless PMR kiosk allows you to actively combat the spread and transmission of viruses on your premises. Visitors do not need to touch the tablet to check in or out.

Easily manage your workspace

In addition to the PRM kiosk, Hamilton Apps offers a suite of software to better manage your workspace. These solutions include a multitude of functionalities that are sure to appeal to your employees with disabilities.

Our software allows you to better manage your workspaces in real time and with complete transparency. You improve the operation of the premises and provide your employees with a modern tool.

Your residents may need to locate employees quickly, book a suitable room or get to a location using an optimal route and our solutions help you provide them with a better working experience in your office.

Finally, thanks to our solutions, you can manage prevention plans in real time, as well as authorisations on your site, which are undeniably important for the safety of your employees on your sites. You will no longer need to use the old paper documents.