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Human resources at the heart of digital transformation

The world of work is constantly changing, but more than ever, the recent context has brought about new practices within French companies. These changes have an undeniable impact on employees and their relationship to work.

In fact, the human resources function plays a key role in the strategy for retaining talent and developing the employer brand. To meet these new challenges, HR is adapting and undergoing a digital transformation.

According to a study carried out by ipsos (Institut Publique de Sondage d'Opinion Secteur) and Openmind kfée, "79% of employees value the atmosphere in the company more than the salary." (1)

This paradigm shift implies a special focus on the recruitment and management of staff.


Increasingly, companies are focusing on satisfaction, well-being at work and the quality of the employee experience. These elements of the employer brand are cultivated at a very early stage, right from recruitment.

Recruiters must now compete creatively to attract new talent and develop a seduction strategy based on the new concerns of candidates. 

If a virtuous image of the company makes it more attractive to its candidates and employees, it is no longer enough to meet their expectations.

Recently, there has been a clear trend towards consulting reviews posted on the internet. Whether it's just Google or job platforms (Glassdoor, Indeed, Cadre Emploi, Job Teaser), this content will convince or dissuade your potential future employees.

Make sure that this content is a source of motivation for the candidates.

Staff management

Successfully attracting new talent is one thing, but you also need to retain it.

As HR, developing a good working environment is a major challenge. Employees want to see changes in the way they work, while at the same time promoting their well-being and offering more flexibility.

Here are some of the major HR trends of the moment:

  • Teleworking
  • Mobility
  • Flex office
  • Digital transformation
  • Integration of technology in the workplace
  • Training and skills development
  • QWL device

Some companies are turning to solutions to support them in these projects.

For example, meeting room management software can make it easier to organize meetings and operate rooms . This frees up staff time to concentrate on what really matters.

Are you still wondering what solutions you can put in place for the well-being of your employees at work? Discover our software

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