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3 Questions to Yannice Darnal, Site Manager, Groupe Avril

Created in 1983 by the oilseed and protein crop industry to guarantee long-term outlets, Groupe Avril is a leading player in the agri-food sector. The Group brings together all the players in the sector. Known to professionals through flagship brands such as Sanders for animal nutrition, Oleon for plant chemistry and Oleo 100 for biofuels, the Group is also known to the general public through its Lesieur, Isio 4 and Puget edible oil brands.

We interviewed Yannice Darnal to share her feedback as a customer of Hamilton Visitor visitor management software.

Hamilton Apps: Why did you choose Hamilton Visitor?

Yannice Darnal: After comparing other similar solutions, I chose Hamilton Visitor because of its ease of use, clear interface, functionalities, secure environment, and the responsiveness of the Hamilton Apps team, which made all the difference in deploying the solution on our site very quickly.

Hamilton Apps: What advice would you give to a company wishing to digitalize its visitor reception?

Yannice Darnal: Digitizing the way visitors are greeted is a must in today's world, and a great way to modernize a welcome. Say goodbye to paper registers and outdated methods, and say hello to dynamic reception. Hamilton Visitoris THE solution.

Hamilton Apps: What features do you use most in Hamilton Visitor?

Yannice Darnal: The features our reception team uses most are "Welcome" and "Folders and parcels".


For over 30 years, Hamilton Apps has been helping companies to digitalize their processes and workspaces to improve efficiency. Hamilton Visitor's SaaS visitor management software is suitable for any size of business, from small SMEs to large listed companies. The visitor management software is available in several languages, and is suitable for companies with a single or multiple sites.

Visitor reception management software

Hamilton Visitor is the visitor management software from Hamilton Apps. No more waiting at building entrances. The tool lets you streamline the reception process. By scanning an ID card, passport or QR code, your teams can work with complete peace of mind, quickly welcoming visitors. Visits can be scheduled in advance by pre-registering visitors. They can also be booked at the last minute. The software offers the option of sending invitations and reminders to visitors. Depending on the number of visitors expected, as you organize, for example, events, plant tours, training days, the reception can adapt resources and all related logistics to these visitors. You can flag up VIPs or visitors requiring special attention, to make your visit a unique experience. Hamilton Visitor is a very complete solution, as it also offers the possibility of managing parcels, as well as parking and cabs. This visitor management software transforms your reception area and helps staff and management in the day-to-day running of the reception, thanks to the reports and statistics provided, which can be programmed throughout the year.

Parcel and mail management software for the reception desk

In addition to its visitor management functions, the Visitor Management software also offers the option of tracking incoming and outgoing mail and parcels. By scanning the label on envelopes and parcels, the solution automatically recognizes the characters. Reception teams can easily register parcels to be sent out or received for in-house staff. This data-entry aid means that parcel management at the reception desk can be handled quickly. Recipients receive direct notification of parcel arrival. No more lost parcels. Parcels and envelopes received at the reception desk are handed over to the addressees against signature, facilitating traceability in a single place and with the same visitor management software.

Digitizing visitor reception management

At a time of structural crisis, it's important for companies to present their best image from the very first contact. The experience of the visitor, who may be a potential customer, prospect, partner or shareholder, must be carefully thought through to achieve this. Eliminate the paperwork visible to your visitors. Give the image of an organized, modern company. This is also the image that companies give internally to employees, subcontractors and various service providers, as well as their employer image in the eyes of talent and job applicants. No sector is immune. Your company's image is important right from the welcome stage. It's your signature. Give your visitors the best possible experience!

Priority to safety from the outset

All our software is designed in strict compliance with current European regulations on personal data management. We offer secure connections, hhtsp, SSO, with encrypted data. All data is hosted in France. You can interface the visitor management solution with your access control system, and apply your own security policy to every entrance to your buildings. This combination makes it easy for you to manage the access rights to be assigned to visitors. For example, validating access to limited or special areas, for elevator use, for access to meeting rooms, or authorizing access to highly sensitive areas for a limited number of visitors. These access rights can be consulted online at any time. It's very easy to identify the presence of visitors in real time, those who have left and those who are still inside the building. This is an invaluable time-saver for security or reception teams, should the need arise, for example, to evacuate a building for safety reasons.

Like our customers, you want to impress your visitors? Ask us for advice. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the working environment, our experts will help you optimize and digitalize your reception area.