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Advantages: digitizing the visitor's register

Many establishments systematically record the names of their visitors in a register. However, it is more beneficial to digitalize this task with a kiosk. Discover 10 advantages with Hamilton Apps.

1. Save time with an innovative system

Entering data on a kiosk takes only a few moments. Its use is intuitive, allowing visitors to fill in the desired fields themselves without your agents having to coach them. You also avoid long discussions at the reception desk and incessant phone calls to the people they come to see.

2. The reception desk: a customizable tool

You are free to determine the information to be collected to better control access to your premises: the first and last names of visitors, the person visited, the reason for the visit, the badge number, the date, the time of arrival and exit.

3. Controlled access for visitors with a reception desk

To prevent strangers from infiltrating your premises, you can have them pre-registered in your system after making an appointment with one of your employees. You will know in advance what they will be doing and only authorized people will receive a badge.

4. Convenient to find information quickly

If you are looking for information, you will no longer need to go through one or more large registers. By using a filter, you will obtain in a few seconds the list of individuals who visited your business at specific dates or times.

You will also know who the recurring visitors are. If you are interested in a specific person, you will make a simple query to see the history of their movements on your site.

5. Optimize the security of your premises

In the event of a disaster, you'll be able to see who is on site, both your own employees and visitors. Locate those who have not yet been evacuated so that help can come quickly.

6. Keep your data confidential and secure

Everyone who uses your registry is likely to see the names of those who came before them. With digitization, the data is only accessible to administrators.

7. Reflect a modern image of your company

The implementation of a digital system shows that your organization is modern. Your management style relies on the latest technologies in order to increase your efficiency.

8. Protect the planet with dematerialization

You minimize your environmental footprint by reducing the need for paper forms or records. You also optimize space for archiving your documents.

9. Preserve the health of users

Using a contactless kiosk reduces the risk of disease transmission between your employees and visitors. The latter no longer have to pass pen and paper, which are potential virus vectors.

10. Seamless traceability of visitor movements

In case of information leakage or any kind of damage (theft, degradation, personal injury, etc.) caused by a visitor, you have the information about him/her at your reception desk.

Finally, Hamilton Visitor's kiosk offers you a pleasant user experience. It's ergonomic and so practical, so get your quote now.