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Turnkey solution to welcome visitors

Modern businesses are looking for turnkey solutions to welcome their visitors. The kiosk offers businesses a variety of benefits, including time and cost savings, as well as a better customer experience. It can also improve staff productivity and efficiency, which is very important for businesses that do not have the luxury of a dedicated customer service department or a complex IT system. 

What is a visitor's terminal?

A welcome kiosk is a digital device installed in businesses, office buildings and other public places to help manage visitors. These kiosks allow visitors to register using their name, company and reason for visiting, and receive a temporary identification tag. Company employees can then use this information to greet visitors and direct them to the right person or location.

These devices can also include features such as online appointment scheduling, verification of visitor identity using electronic IDs, and the ability to take photos for ID badges.

Benefits for visitors

There are several advantages to using visitor kiosks. First, they make visitor check-in faster and more efficient, as visitors can check themselves in using a touch screen. It also allows company employees to focus on other important tasks.

In addition, visitor kiosks can help improve corporate security by verifying the identity of visitors and tracking who is entering and leaving the company.

For example, visitor kiosks can help improve the visitor experience by providing a more personalized experience and allowing visitors to book appointments online.

Finally, visitor kiosks can help improve the company's brand image by showing that the company is modern and professional.

Where to position your kiosk?

The first step in setting up a welcome station is to choose an appropriate location. The space should be large enough to accommodate the guest (and their luggage if necessary). It should also be easily accessible from public transportation and parking lots, so that visitors can arrive easily.

In addition, it is important that this space has comfortable seating for waiting guests. Indeed, many of them will likely spend some time here before being welcomed into the building itself or given a tour of its facilities by staff members or volunteers.

In addition to the reception desk, equip your waiting area efficiently

Once you've chosen the perfect location for your kiosk, you'll need to outfit it with furniture such as chairs and tables. The idea is to provide a place for people to sit comfortably while they wait.

Feel free to indicate who/what types of visitors are welcome at this particular location.

Depending on your sector, you can equip this space:

  • computers with Internet access so that anyone needing additional information about their visit can quickly search for what they need;
  • brochures highlighting special services offered by your company/organization;
  • refreshments such as coffee, tea, water, etc., that help make everyone feel welcome during their stay.

Finally, depending on the type of facility you have - security personnel may also be present near these stations to monitor who is entering and exiting the buildings safely.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere in the reception area helps create positive impressions in visitors. It not only makes them feel appreciated, but also ensures that any questions or requests that may arise during their stay will receive prompt attention from knowledgeable staff members!

Investing in quality equipment such as those from Hamilton Apps will help you stand out from the competition and attract new customers. Offer a quality service to your customers in dedicated spaces and propose a personalized welcome while saving your time!