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Open space, Flex office...

Digitalise your workspaces (for real)!

During the last decade, conventional workspace has changed significantly – it could be argued that it has been revolutionised, especially since the advent of open plan offices. Companies involved in these transformations have for the most part taken a few shortcuts or simply pursued a subtle continual evolution. In many cases, the change management phase is neglected and even more often the use of a digital solution, in order to support the employee experience, is dismissed.

While the investments related to workspace improvement are steadily increasing, we note that *“less than 25% of employees consider their workplace very well adapted to their needs”* and that *“66% of the dissatisfied employees think that their workplace is not suited to their needs”.*

In addition to that, new employee generations bring new expectations towards workspaces, such as flexibility or the need for a connected environment. For example, 33% of them report being dissatisfied with the flexibility at work* (how, when, where).

Understanding these ins and outs has driven our own development of Hamilton Workplace.

With Hamilton Workplace, you can manage all of your workspaces based on location, personnel and asset assignments, and your real estate maps and floor plans.

The everyday need for instant space bookings; movements and changes; maintenance repair reporting; and health, fire and saftey measures can be conveniently managed and tracked. Thus making for a healthier and happier work environment.

The application is developed around 3 core features:

Movement requests
Your employees can make instant movement requests, and the validation workflow helps you manage your workspaces and desk occupancy in real time.

Authorizations management and Prevention plans
The application allows you to centralise and manage all stakeholder authorisations, as well as on site contractor’s prevention plans.

Room booking and Flex Office
Employees can instantly book meeting rooms, desks, lockers, parking bays, and a number of available real estate resources from the interactive map.

Hamilton Workplace offers you the opportunity to understand the use of your workspaces through the effective and efficient application of its core features, thereby optimizing your ROI.

(1) SOURCE: ACTINEO Barometer (2019)