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Hamilton Apps - Corporate Video


Hamilton Apps is a software company in the world of the Smart Workplace. 

Our solutions enable our customers to intelligently manage their workspaces and provide services to their employees by creating a great working environment.

We offer a suite of integrated applications in a single platform in Europe: Smart Workplace Portal

  • Room and visitor management
  • Flexible workspaces and employee services
  • Safety and security

The clients who trust us, some of them for more than 20 years, range from large SMEs with a hundred or more employees to major accounts - including a large part of the CAC40 currently in our portfolio. Wherever there are people working, our solutions are useful. (Pharmaceutical, agri-food and government services)

Thanks to technology, we accompany the digital transformation of your workspaces and put our expertise at the service of the experience of your customers and employees. 

Real estate and workspaces represent the second largest expense after salaries, as well as a major asset for attracting the talents of the new generation. It is therefore important for us to offer our clients solutions adapted to their new economic and human challenges. 

At Hamilton Apps, we innovate every day to ensure that our solutions provide you with the best experience. Discover our products on www.hamiltonapps.com