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Hamilton Meeting

Meeting room management software

Meeting room management software

Hamilton Meeting's meeting room management software offers an all-in-one solution for optimizing the use of your meeting rooms and organizing online bookings.

With an intuitive interface and features such as statistics, you can keep a constant eye on your bookings.

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Hamilton Meeting, your all-in-one meeting room management software

Do you have a large number of meeting rooms and want to organize the reservation and management system efficiently? Hamilton Meeting offersefficient, easy-to-use software to organize the booking of workspaces for your employees or collaborators.

Discover the advantages of our reservation and management system for your meeting rooms.

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Easy Meeting Room Booking Anywhere, Anytime!

Book meeting room on-the-move via Hamilton Meeting. Invite and notify colleagues, order catering, all with a few clicks. It was never this easy to book a meeting room.

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Save time with a fast, efficient room reservation system

Hamilton Meeting's intuitive interface makes booking one-off or recurring meeting rooms a breeze. Your collaborators or employees free up time to concentrate on what really matters.

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Get rid of ghost meetings with a smart app

With Hamilton Meeting, you avoid the risk of reserved, unoccupied meeting rooms. Our intelligent sensors detect the absence of occupants and release the room or workspace within a chosen timeframe, enabling you to make the most of your square footage. This optimizes meeting room management.

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Understand Your Workplace Better

Analyze a wide range of data relating to the management of meeting rooms and associated services. Statistics will help you understand your staff's needs and optimize your resources to meet them. Visualize current and upcoming meetings using the room reservation schedule. Prioritize reservations with different employee roles.

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Always the right tool for you.

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Features of your meeting room management software

Hamilton Meeting doesn't just offer software for managing and booking workspaces. We provide you with an all-in-one tool to help you organize and work with complete peace of mind.

Discover the functionalities available in your management application, and get back to optimal organization.

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Easy installation and integration of your management software

Hamilton Meeting adapts to your environment and your specific requirements: company directory, single sign-on (SSO), RFID badges. Benefit from a management solution based on an agile, customizable ecosystem.

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Catering and services: complementary but essential management services

Hamilton Meeting also offers catering services and equipment requests for your meetings. Discover the complementary services you need to organize productive meetings and manage your workspaces.

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Meeting room management software - Hamilton Apps

Mobile use to keep an eye on your meeting room management

Screens are installed in front of the meeting rooms to display the room status. When you see a room available, your employees or collaborators can reserve it directly at the entrance, from the meeting room screen or the application.

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Management software compatible with Microsoft Exchange & Office 365

Hamilton Meeting integrates with your existing calendar: Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. The solution adapts to the tools you use to prevent errors and duplication. Booking meeting rooms from your calendar

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Meeting room management software - Hamilton Apps

Video Conferencing, a complementary service to our management software

Hamilton Meeting lets you share videoconference links with your colleagues directly from the room management application, for smooth, efficient organization. Offer hybrid meetings (face-to-face and remote) to your employees or collaborators.

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Detailed reports for your meeting rooms

Get detailed reports about resource usage, attendance, no-shows, peak hours and other key information.

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Personalized booking management experience for every company

Our meeting room management and reservation solution is easy to use and adapts to your needs. Whether you're a multinational or an SME, Hamilton Meeting can be deployed to suit your environment and challenges.

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Hamilton Meeting allows you to track orders for services directly within the room management application. Each request can be allocated to the appropriate employee or cost center for transparent billing.

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“We couldn’t be happier with Hamilton Meeting as the users find the software easy and intuitive. Our staff can order catering and resources efficiently. It easily integrates with our systems and adds real value to our workspace.”

Hubert Cordier, AGMM