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Intervention management software

Intervention management software

Hamilton Facility's maintenance management solution enables you to efficiently manage all internal requests within your company.

Thanks to this management solution, all maintenance operations are centralized and prioritized within an intuitive software package.

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The advantages of Hamilton Facility, your in-house electronic concierge solution

Whatever your business, it's hard to handle every request efficiently. Hamilton Facility is a service and maintenance management solution that enables centralized scheduling of requests in a single software package. From the repair of a broken chair to a water damage emergency, our customizable intervention software is an invaluable tool for your business.

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Manage all your service requests

Your employees can make their own service requests directly to your FM teams via the software. Whether it's a broken chair, a broken printer or an air-conditioning problem, the progress of the request is tracked and closed only after satisfaction. The application can also be used to prioritize interventions according to urgency.

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Total Control

The service management system enables facility managers to organize the distribution of tasks to respond more effectively to maintenance requests. You'll have a clear overview of your teams' workloads, and be able to regularly monitor your maintenance requests via a schedule on your software.

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Upgrade Your Facilities Services

With Hamilton Facility, you benefit from a powerful maintenance management software package. The solution gives you the opportunity to improve your workflows, challenge your procedures and evaluate performance, to meet the needs of your employees and your customers.

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Evaluate the satisfaction of each intervention

Your employees can track the progress of their service requests at every stage, directly on the software. The system enables you to assess the satisfaction rate, so that you can reinforce or adapt your methods and interventions according to your needs. The dashboard identifies the workload in advance, enabling you to adapt the organization of your reception teams and set up a schedule of interventions.

Always the right tool for you.

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Features of your Hamilton Facility ticketing solution

To ensure that your company's service and maintenance management is optimized, your Hamilton Facility software offers relevant and intuitive functionalities. We ensure fast, efficient interventions thanks to a service tailored to each customer.

Discover the features of your maintenance management solution today.

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Easy-to-install software

Hamilton Facility is intuitive and easy to install. Hosted in the Cloud or on your own servers, you can always count on our installation, maintenance and training teams to help you use your software.

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Full flexibility

We know that every workspace is unique, which is why the application gives you total flexibility to adapt our service to your structure and methods. You can customize all parameters to suit your needs.

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Define KPI

Thanks to the application, you can define your KPIs to monitor the individual and collective performance of your service providers and technicians. Analyzing this data enables you to challenge your processes on a daily basis, and quickly identify anomalies and interventions to be carried out for each customer.

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On-The-Go Facility

Your employees can make service and maintenance requests 24/7, directly from their mobile or tablet, while benefiting from the same functionalities as on a PC, such as adding comments or a photo.

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Never Miss A Deadline

Your Facility Managers organize the work of their teams and prioritize tasks or interventions via the software. They can create personalized alerts on important intervention requests, or those that remain unresolved after their due date.

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Multiple Locations & Languages

Our intervention and maintenance management solution is 100% scalable and adapts to your organization. You can easily manage one or more sites around the world, setting their specific features and languages according to the field.

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Smart Reports

The dashboard's statistical data gives you a precise, real-time view of the issues surrounding your facility management. You can optimize your resources accordingly, and benefit from a report on every intervention.


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Your facility management teams can quickly process maintenance requests directly from their mobile devices or tablets.

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Hamilton Facility, an efficient and secure solution for managing interventions

Hamilton offers an efficient and secure solution for managing interventions. Our technicians tailor every action to the customer and the reality on-site.

Request a demo and test our intervention solution within your company. Hamilton Facility is an intuitive and efficient service for resolving malfunctions in your business.

Find out more about your computerized in-house concierge system.

“Hamilton Facility has been made available to all employees at our headquarters. The solution helps our staff to report service requests to the facility team and track the progress in real-time. Thanks to the quick processing of facility requests and to the faster service response, we were able to significantly improve employee satisfaction and the overall well-being at the workplace.”

Patrick Zielinski, Schneider Electric