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Launch: Hamilton Visitor gets modernised

At Hamilton Apps, we continue to imagine the future of the Smart Workplace. After 18 months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of a new generation of Hamilton Visitor( StandardPack ).

However, our classic offers(Premium and Enterprise Pack) continue to exist and evolve.

So what is the difference between this new generation and our classic Hamilton Visitor offers ?

  • The new generation is available online with a free 2-week trial period.
  • A brand new ergonomics and a modernised experience.
  • Subscription and management of your subscription in complete autonomy.

Why a new version of our flagship product?

Among other things, this new generation will give us greater flexibility in our future developments, streamline the installation process, and offer you a more modern experience.

Hamilton Visitor is now available in 3 offers:

  • Premium(Classic Version): With the premium version, you benefit from all the features developed by our teams. You benefit from complex and adapted scenarios used by many companies.
  • Enterprise(Classic Version): Do you have complex needs? Customise the application according to your requirements, contact us for more information.

Our objective is to achieve the same level of functionality between the new generation(Standard Pack) and the classic version(Premium Pack) in order to progressively organise the replacement of our product range with these new technologies.

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