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Hamilton Visitor

Visitor management software

Visitor management software

With Hamilton Visitor visitor management software, you can offer a modern, seamless experience to all your company's visitors and employees.

Hamilton Visitor gives you the opportunity to create a pleasant first impression with every visitor. Thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive functionality, you benefit from powerful visitor management software that enhances your brand image.

Visitor Management Software - Hamilton Visitor

The benefits of Hamilton Visitor, your visitor management software

Hamilton Visitor is a guest management software that optimizes your company's hospitality. With this application, keep control of the flow of people in and out, and keep an eye on guest management.

Whether you're looking for a seamless welcome, site security or employee directory management, you need to modernize your reception area right away and offer every visitor a genuine experience.

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Touch-free reception with your Hamilton Visitor software

To effectively support you in your strategy to fight the transmission of the virus within your buildings, we have developed a contactless reception application on iPad. Now your visitors no longer need to touch the tablet when checking in or out..

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Secure your sites with high-performance software

Control access to your sites in real time and keep an eye on the visitors present. With your visitor management software, grant selective access to your guests according to their needs and your safety and security policy.

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Modernize your reception and improve your guest experience

Get rid of paper and complex software with our visitor management software. Modernize your reception by offering your visitors an unforgettable experience that will enhance your company's image.

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Optimize your reception resources

Thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, your management software optimizes your resources and data. Dashboards enable you to identify workloads in advance, so you can adapt the organization of your reception teams and keep control of incoming and outgoing flows.

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Always the right tool for you.

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Features of your visitor management software

Suitable for all company sizes, your Hamilton Visitor visitor management software offers a wide range of functions, all easily accessible via an intuitive interface.

From welcoming visitors to parking vehicles and booking cabs, discover the different functions of your visitor management software.

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Pre-register visitors

Pre-register your visitors for a smooth and pleasant visitor experience. Your visitor reception team can find out in advance about the day's visits, the arrival of VIPs or any other important points of attention.

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Invitations & Reminders

Even before your guest arrives, you can send an automatic or personalized invitation e-mail to provide all the necessary information (access map, safety instructions, etc.) using your management software.

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Easy badge printing

Thanks to your Hamilton Apps software, you can print visitor badges at the click of a button and turn them into a communication tool to match your image. Hamilton Visitor is compatible with all printers.

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Dashboards, to keep an eye on inputs and outputs

Export all visitor data at the click of a button and create detailed reports in just a few minutes. Measure the performance of your reception facilities and monitor the success of your teams on a daily basis.

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Total security for your company

Your company's security depends on controlled management of your reception area. Hamilton Visitor interfaces with your access control system for optimum on-site security and traceability. Implement your own approval rules for restricted areas or buildings, and easily manage multiple visitor profile types from within your company.

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Multiple Locations & Languages

Our solution is 100% scalable and adapts to your organization. You can easily manage one or more sites around the world, setting their specific features and languages according to the needs of your receptionists.

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Order Services

Book a cab in advance or in real time for your visitors, residents and employees in just a few clicks from the visitor management dashboard. The interface enables you to track the progress of requests and prioritize them.

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Trace all outgoing and incoming mail and parcels, and notify recipients automatically by email. The electronic signature pad lets you keep proof of delivery to the recipient, so you can manage all your requests while maintaining traceability.

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Different packages for your Hamilton visitor management software

Aware of the importance of software to manage your computerized reception, Hamilton Visitor offers several packages at different prices depending on your needs:

  • Starter: with this package, you get management software at an introductory price and benefit from some of our features;
  • Premium: in addition to the features of the standard package, you get other benefits for an attractive price;
  • Enterprise: the optimal, customizable package, with all the features you need for an ideal visitor experience. Keep control of your reception thanks to our full range of functions to deliver comfort and fluidity to your visitors and employees.
“Hamilton Visitor software has been very efficient and it makes the end user experience much easier.”

Philippe Rouxel, Safran Electronics & Defense