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Don't leave rooms unoccupied, optimize your space

You run a company, a gym, you work in a medical practice or you are an event organizer? Do you want to optimize your workspace and make it more pleasant for your visitors? We answer you in this article and present you the advantages to start with a free room management software.

Make the most of your space by transforming it into a convivial setting

Visitors will be much more likely to book a bright, open room. That's why you should use light colors for the walls and furniture. This gives the impression of an open and airy space. In addition, your workspace should always have several windows to attract natural light. A space like this promotes concentration and stimulation. We see this in gyms: treadmills, for example, are often placed in front of picture windows.

For the choice of furniture, furniture with clean lines and a unique color are very suitable for your spaces, whether in waiting rooms or meeting rooms. If you want to stand out, opt for original furniture. For example, simplistic office chairs can be replaced by recycled plastic chairs. This will bring comfort and solidity to your teams and collaborators, with a touch of fantasy in addition.

Finally, don't forget the walls, which you can decorate to your taste to personalize your room and make it more dynamic. In the waiting rooms of medical centers, we think for example of the panoramic wallpaper, a real source of appeasement for anxious patients.

By trying our free room management software, you will be able to use the space to your advantage and allow your visitors to choose a suitable venue.

Promote accessibility for your visitors

Providing easy access to a room must be a priority for you. Each visitor must be able to circulate in all serenity, including the people with reduced mobility via the PMR accessibility. A space with a flat surface will be the most suitable.

In waiting rooms, meeting rooms or sports rooms, each member must have a well-defined space. First of all for comfort, but also so that everyone can occupy the whole space without disturbing anyone and so that there is a better circulation. If you wish, you can install directional arrows to optimize movement, which is very practical in event rooms such as trade shows.

Finally, the layout of your equipment or furniture must be optimized according to the space occupied.

For example, in a gym, we have seen that the cardio machines are positioned in front of the windows. This saves a lot of space, given their volume. As for the weights, they are preferably placed in a low traffic area to avoid the risk of falls and injuries.

Workrooms can be improved by investing in mobile tables and chairs. This way, the flexibility provided will make your employees happy.

Try our free venue management software demo

If you wish, you can test our free venue management software demo to give you an idea of the benefits you can get before subscribing to the paid version.

The software lets you consult your space's traffic at any time. You'll be able to see what improvements need to be made, based on occupied and unoccupied rooms.

Thanks to a system of terminals at the entrance of the rooms connected to our tool, you will also be able to control the comings and goings of visitors and be kept informed of the authorizations of each one.

Finally, by entering all the necessary data, you will be able to analyze and manage the optimization of your space without moving. Your employees will also be able to organize their work and gain in productivity.

Save time and money by trying our free room management software demo. It will make your life easier because you will be able to see in advance all the benefits that our solutions will bring to your daily life.