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Entrance badges: are they necessary in a company?

Security is one of the concerns of companies today, both for employees and for the premises itself. Technology offers a modern solution to this concern by adopting for badge access via a reception terminal. Let's discover in this article the necessity of a business entry badge.

Optimized security and reception desk

A company is likely to welcome many people on a daily basis: employees, customers, service providers, etc. The security of these individuals must be guaranteed when they enter the establishment. To ensure protection against external threats (invasion, terrorism, etc.), access control by badge has proven to be very effective. Only people with this device can unlock the premises.

In addition to applying an entry badge, a welcome kiosk which is a touch terminal is also useful by installing visitor tracking software. You can opt for Hamilton App for an application adapted to your needs.

These threats can be health-related. Unlike an access control system that uses a keypad or fingerprint, the badge remains one of the best solutions.

This control system allows you to easily secure property, equipment or facilities. It is possible to limit access to certain areas of a facility. You can assign procedures according to your own rules, in order to limit the risks of degradation or theft thanks to the use of the reception desk.

Everything is secured with an entry badge

In general, security is the whole work: people and flows, security of buildings, goods and materials, data and documents.

Access control offers a first level of security for your computer installation and your data by blocking access to unauthorized persons. It limits the risks of software piracy and optimizes the security of your IT tools. You can use the entry badge in connection with the reception terminal. Simply develop or purchase software that meets your needs and install it in the terminal.

What's more, the use of entry badges enables you to trace entrances and exits within your establishment, providing crucial information in the event of an unexpected check . In the event of an emergency situation requiring evacuation (such as a fire), you can easily obtain a list of people on site. You can then make a roll call to verify the presence of employees.

In the event of a situation that requires an investigation after the fact (theft, for example), traceability makes it possible to establish a list of individuals who circulate in a specific area over a given period.

In summary, regardless of the type of business, security is always a major issue. Badge access and the use of software are the ideal solution to secure your employees and your buildings.