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Our product features are designed keeping in mind the demands of agile workplaces. Download our datasheets to learn more about benefits and key features of each Hamilton Apps product.

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Hamilton Visitor

Visitor Management Software

Hamilton Visitor enables you to make a positive impact on your visitors from the very first moment. With our solution, you'll benefit from a host of features that will improve the visitor check-in process and modernize your welcome.

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Hamilton Visitor COVID

Streamline Visitor Sign-In

To effectively support you in your strategy to fight the transmission of the virus within your buildings, we have developed a contactless reception application on iPad. Now your visitors no longer need to touch the tablet when checking in or out..

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Hamilton Meeting


Hamilton Meeting is designed to adapt to your needs, making it easy to manage your workspaces. Our solution enables you to book meeting rooms and all associated services in an optimal way.

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Hamilton Deskbooking

Office management

With Hamilton Deskbooking, you can book your office space quickly and easily. Your employees have a clear overview of available and occupied office space, and can book at any time. Thanks to our tool, you can optimize your workspace and reduce your real estate costs.

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Hamilton Security

Security incident logbook software

Hamilton Security enables you to track security incidents electronically. The solution is designed to protect strictly confidential information, and to warn and alert you in the event of an incident. You benefit from the necessary instructions and guidelines in the event of an incident.

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Hamilton Workplace


With Hamilton Workplace, you can manage your workspaces with complete transparency. Thanks to the software, you can improve the operation of your buildings and offer your employees an effective solution to support their performance and safety.

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Hamilton Facility


Hamilton Facility is a solution that efficiently manages all service requests in your buildings. Thanks to this powerful ticketing application, you can evaluate both employee satisfaction and the performance of your service providers.