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Empty rooms: how to avoid false reservations?

Priority is always given to whoever books a meeting room first. However, it is possible that no one comes to the meeting so that the space remains empty while other groups could have occupied it. In order to avoid false reservations, the best solution is to use a free room management software to start with, then switch to its paid version.

Practical sensors to avoid phantom bookings

In principle, any workspace that is blocked on a free room management software can no longer be booked by other people. In order to limit false reservations, managers can couple it with sensors. The latter will detect movements inside the room to signal that it is being used as agreed.

If the room management software notices that the room remains unoccupied despite the reservation, it will cancel it a few minutes after the theoretical start time of the meeting. The resource manager is free to set this delay (5, 10, 20 minutes, etc.) at his convenience. The sensors also allow him to see if the room has been released earlier than expected. This gives him time to invite other interested people.

The installation of sensors also allows you to check whether people are occupying the rooms without a reservation or without authorization. It also helps you to determine their occupancy rate and to draw up a reliable report on their actual use. According to companies, this technology has allowed them to significantly reduce the number of false reservations.

Software synchronization with participants' schedules

Coordinating the booking tool with the calendar of the people involved allows the organizer and resource manager to ensure that they are aware of the meeting.

If the manager cancels the meeting, his reservation will automatically disappear from the calendar of his colleagues and will no longer be listed in the reservation program. The other users will see the availability of the room and will have the possibility of retaining it if it is more suitable to their expectations.

A free solution or testing the demo of a room management software is a good way to start and get comfortable with this new tool. However, adopting a complete solution is a must in order to benefit from a unique experience and all the possibilities to make your daily life easier.

Confirmation of the reservation by the organizer

A free room management software can provide a confirmation function through which the organizer will validate his reservation some time before its actual use. If he doesn't, it will be automatically skipped and the space will be open to other reservations.

The system will also send an email to the manager confirming the reservation of a room, its cancellation or postponement.

The significant advantage of using room management software

Hamilton Apps offers effective room management software that allows you to avoid phantom bookings. They are paid, however, you can use a demo version to discover their features. By adopting them:

  • Your spaces will be occupied in an optimal way;
  • you will avoid the frustration of an unoccupied room when other people could have used it;
  • users are happy to occupy a room that meets their exact needs;
  • you empower organizers to take the time to think before confirming a reservation.

Ultimately, using a free venue management software helps you avoid underutilization of your spaces. For more advanced features, ask for a quote or try your personalized demo.