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Hamilton Visitor on iPad

Manage your reception from an iPad... It's possible!

You have probably come across them in a corridor or in the cafeteria, and tablets are gradually invading our work spaces. According to Forrester's (1) figures on the tablet market, one in five is used in companies. They are compact, modern, ergonomic, functional and easily transportable. They also offer great prospects for both the user experience and for space managers.

To meet your needs, Hamilton Apps launches its Hamilton Visitor application on iPad. No need to bring your computer with you, the tablet revolutionizes your organization.

The application has 4 modules:

Checking in your visitors has never been easier. From now on, thanks to the use of this module, the reception teams will practice dynamic reception. Entrance, exit, signature of security rules and RGPD, or printing of badges, will be precious assets to control your visitor flows.

With this module, you can trigger a signature tunnel for documents (instructions, policies, RGPD, NDA) from the desktop version to the iPad. Offer your visitors a smooth and serene experience, and minimise the impact of your legal obligations on your teams' workload. (On time spent at the reception desk)

Autonomous check-in
Do you want to automate the process of entering the site or simply reduce the workload of your reception teams? Thanks to this module, pre-registered visitors can confirm their arrival and carry out their entry in semi or total autonomy. It also offers a complete self-registration scenario.

This module allows your employees to reserve parking spaces for their visitors. You control the status of the car park in real time, access to vehicles on site is controlled and the visitor experience is greatly improved.

The Hamilton Visitor iPad application makes your reception more fluid, modernises the visitor experience and makes your sites more secure.

(1) Source: Forrester