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When flexibility comes to your office!

Since the start of the pandemic, teleworking has increased dramatically and office occupancy has fallen drastically. As workspace is the second largest expense after salaries, many companies have rationalised their real estate investments.

The flex office seems to meet the strategic needs of the company and the expectations of employees. In this new mode of collaboration, spaces are shared and workstations are no longer allocated.

"CBRE, a corporate real estate consulting group, and Le Moniteur conducted a study on the working environment of French employees.

According to the study, 67% of the latter want to benefit from new working methods.

More than ever, these new organisations are driving companies to adopt innovative solutions to manage their workspaces.

The flex office, from the employer's point of view

For companies, the flex office is an effective way to optimise costs. The number of workstations and the average surface area of workstations are greatly reduced, and the challenge now lies in the number of employees present on site at the same time. Indeed, by abandoning the principle of one workstation per employee, it is possible to rent smaller premises or even to sublet certain offices. With this practice, it is the pace of work that influences investment in workspace.

This rationalisation also offers new opportunities, such as the creation or expansion of wellness and exchange areas.

The employer brand and the attractiveness of the company are strengthened.

The flex office, from the employees' point of view

For employees, the flex office can have various advantages.

This management of space considerably facilitates exchanges and meetings between different departments.

In some companies, the flex office is already being deployed in a very active way. Employees change their place of work and work environment on a daily basis, and can meet new colleagues, create links and thus develop a strong corporate culture. Mobility and autonomy become sources of motivation and creativity.

The flex office is also proving to be a vehicle for well-being in the workplace. Thanks to the reclaimed square meters, employees sometimes enjoy new or larger relaxation areas, but also the opportunity to choose where they work.

The flex office is perfectly suited to all types of activities. If you are looking for an office management solution, contact one of our experts.


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