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Identify visitors to sensitive sites

Security at sensitive sites is crucial to ensure the protection of people and information. Visitor identification is a key element in controlling access to buildings and sensitive areas. The kiosk plays an important role in this process of verifying the identity of visitors before allowing them to enter.

The advantages of kiosks for visitor identification

The kiosks can be used to quickly verify the identity of visitors using facial recognition or fingerprint technologies. They can also be used to verify the validity of identification documents, such as ID cards or passports. The kiosks can be configured to check the access credentials of visitors and ensure that they are allowed to enter sensitive areas. This process has the advantage of offering an infallible traceability of the frequentation of the areas indicated on the kiosk. Thanks to this solution, you will have access to complete data tracing the comings and goings of each person having gone to a specific room or place.

Security risks associated with the use of a kiosk

It is important to ensure that the information collected by kiosks is protected against the risks of piracy or data theft. What's more, kiosks can present privacy risks for visitors if adequate protection measures are not in place. It's important to ensure that kiosks are regularly updated to correct security flaws and ensure data protection. That's why it's imperative not to rush into choosing the solution that will accompany your business in facilitating visitor management. The Hamilton Apps teams work hard every day to provide you with an effective, secure solution.

How to choose a kiosk for visitor identification

Obviously, choosing a visitor management solution should not be done lightly. You must of course take into consideration the functionalities you need, but also think about the potential evolutions of your structure. Indeed, you are not immune to possible changes in the future. So, choose a complete solution, with a reactive customer service and offering the clearest possible support. But first of all, it is important to choose a kiosk that meets the highest security and confidentiality standards.

It is also crucial to choose a solution that is easy to use for both visitors and employees. That's why at Hamilton Apps, our tools are designed and delivered turnkey. It is recommended to choose a kiosk that can be integrated with other security systems for added protection. This way, the people in charge of the building security have a completely transparent control of the spaces they are in charge of.

Do you need advice, have questions or are you already convinced of the benefits of a visitor reception system? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more. We offer Hamilton Visitor, a solution specifically designed to save you time and provide total transparency internally.