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Managing patient reception in the medical environment

In 2021, the expression "taking it easy" has never been more topical in the health sector. This expectation, well known to patients, has a real impact on their perception of the quality of medical services. The waiting room therefore becomes a key factor in their satisfaction.

The French consumer and user protection association CLCV (Consommation Logement et Cadre de Vie) (1) has carried out a survey on patient waiting times for a scheduled medical appointment in both public and private establishments.

According to this survey, three out of four patients are seen late by their doctor.
"These delays are more than an hour long in 17% of cases and more than half an hour long in 34% of cases. "
In 86% of cases of delay, the patient is not informed of the delay of his or her practitioner.
These delays "are felt to be annoying, or even very annoying, by 73% of patients when they are longer than 30 minutes, and by 85% when they are one hour or more. » (2)

However, too few healthcare institutions are using technology to address this dissatisfaction. Yet technology can be an important ally in their patient satisfaction strategy.

Reduce waiting time with a visitor management solution

Waiting time management and patient flow are key elements in improving the reception of patients in health care institutions.

While the reception is often managed by an agent or a medical secretary, it is now possible to support this process with a reception desk.

As soon as the patient arrives, he or she is welcomed from the terminal without having to wait, so the teams can then concentrate on high value-added medical missions. The feeling of being taken care of is enhanced, and the patient avoids queues that are a source of stress. This system also ensures that patients are received in better health conditions.

This system allows for autonomous declaration of arrival on site and automatic notification to the practitioner. Registration without prior appointment is also possible and will be useful for unscheduled visits. These solutions are used in particular in establishments such as:
- Medical homes
- EHPAD (retirement homes)
- Hospitals
- Rest homes
- Vaccination centres / vaccinodrome
- Laboratories
- Pharmacies
- Medical and psychological centres (CMP) & medical and psychological-pedagogical centres (CMPP)
- Specialised centres

A modern visitor management solution actively contributes to patient satisfaction and improves the image of the services.

A reception desk: a tailor-made scenario

The great diversity of institutions and their services implies the need for flexible and customisable reception management. All scenarios can be envisaged, but certain standards emerge.

When entering the department or the establishment, the patient declares his or her visit or confirms his or her arrival using a QR code or a unique number on the reception desk. They then receive a ticket or a summary badge for simplified identification at reception and within the building. From then on, the practitioner is automatically informed of the presence of his or her patient.

This terminal helps people move about and get their bearings in establishments and offers a more pleasant and user-friendly reception. Patients and visitors become stakeholders in their own care or that of their loved ones.

If you are a healthcare professional and you are wondering about the need for or feasibility of such a solution: discover Hamilton Visitor or contact one of our experts.

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(2) https://www.clcv.org/storage/app/media/prevention-sante-air-interieur-ondes/DP-enquete-temps-attente-hopital-29042016.pdf