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Hamilton Visitor - Visitor Management Video


This morning Jeanne is getting ready to leave for work.
She finishes her breakfast and heads off for a busy day.
During the day she also receives many requests and invitations to meetings.

Moreover, Paul, one of his suppliers, is to present him with new offers. Together they arrange a meeting for the same day. Paul prepares for his meeting and pre-registers Jeanne on the Hamilton Visitor application. He quickly and easily fills in all the information about the visit and books a room. Jeanne instantly receives an invitation by email and in her calendar.

On arrival at the site, they scan the QR code they received at the reception desk and proceed with their contactless self-registration. The application identifies her and prints her a personalised badge. Paul then receives a notification that his appointment has arrived. Paul then meets Jeanne to begin their meeting in peace.

Thanks to Hamilton Visitor and our suite of Smart Workplace solutions, we help millions of users collaborate more effectively every day. Let's work together to create the workspace of tomorrow!