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Visitor management software

How do I log on for the first time?
If you are a customer of the Premium or Enterprise range of visitor management solutions, the support team in charge of your installation will notify you of your access. If you are a Starter visitor management solution customer, you create your login and password during your free trial. If you are a customer of the other meeting room management, flex office reservation, Hamilton Facility, Workplace space management, Security handrail and Hamilton Services products, you will receive a notification email from support for your access.
How do I integrate or change my logo?
Log in to your personal area of the visitor management module. Click on your personal space in the top right-hand corner. Then click on settings. Go to visual settings. You can change the logo by clicking on the logo menu, then choose a file and validate. You can also click on "welcome image" to modify it. Finally, you can change the image of your site by clicking on this menu. Don't forget to validate.

Meeting room management software

How do I manage meeting rooms?
Connect to your Hamilton Meeting back office. Go to Administration, then Room Management. You can delete or modify a room. You can also add a new room by clicking on the "+ Add" button. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, so don't forget to validate.
How do I create a meeting with benefits?
Connect to the back office of your Hamilton Meeting meeting room management module. Go to the My Reservations menu. Click on "+ New Reservation". Enter the time, purpose and organizer of the meeting. Click on "Search". Select the room by clicking in the box to the left of the room name. Then click on "Book". Click on the "Services" button. The list of services appears. Select the services you wish to define. Click on "Next". You can now add the service of your choice. Don't forget to confirm. Continue your creation by adding participants ...then click on the "Finish" button. You'll find your meeting in the "Schedule" menu.

Flex office management software

How do I book a desk?
Log in to the back office of your Hamilton Deskbooking flex office management module. After logging in, you will be directed to a screen showing a map of the offices. Select the desired date at the top of the screen. The green color means that the office is free. Click on it to reserve the office. Red means the office is taken for the date. You can reserve offices by half-day.
How do I create a desk ?
Log in to the back office of your Hamilton Deskbooking flex office management module. Go to Administration. Type office in the search field at the top of the page. Menus appear on the left, continue with "Office plan management". Zoom in with the mouse. Identify the location where you wish to create the office, then double-click, then click on active.

Security incident logbook software

How do I report an incident ticket?
Connect to the back office of your Hamilton Security software. Go to the "Main courante" menu. To report the incident, enter your password. You will arrive on the incident form. Click on "Add an incident". Select the type by identifying the family filter. Then confirm.
How to identify the list of security guards present on site ?
Log in to the back office of your Hamilton Security IT handrail solution. Go to the "Agent List" menu. The list of security guards present is displayed, with details of their schedules.

First steps

What is the support contact?
Support is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Create a Jira ticket using the link provided to report an incident or request assistance. The support team will contact you as soon as possible to assist you. In case of extreme emergency, our support team can be reached on +33 1 55 34 95 55.

Commercial questions

How do I get a demo?
You can contact our sales team by filling in this form: https://hamiltonapps.com/contactez-nous/ or call us on + 33 1 55 34 95 55 or send an email to france@hamiltonapps.com The sales team will call you back as soon as possible.