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Interview with BFM Business

In October 2019, we conducted our first interview with BFM Business. We're proud to present this video.

The company

Hamilton Apps is a software company operating in the smart workplace sector. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we offer companies intelligent management of their workspaces, enabling them to offer quality services to their employees. The company's aim is to create an excellent workplace.

Transforming the workspace

The transformation of the workspace and the digitalization of the company need to be separated. Workspace transformation can be difficult, and that's where digitization comes in to make this transition smooth and efficient. With 20 years' experience in digitizing the workspace, Hamilton Apps has the ability to help organizations make this transformation as seamless as possible.

Our customers

We have won the trust of many customers of different sizes. Our customers represent a vast array of sectors, both public and private: industry with Schneider Electric, pharmaceuticals with Sanofi, agri-food with Danone, as well as strategic entities such as Defense and the Nuclear sector. Our solutions are indispensable everywhere in the workplace, including the fast-growing coworking spaces. Whatever your sector, we're here to meet your needs and improve your working environment.

The future

Hamilton Apps invests heavily in research and development, as well as in recruiting new talent. The main challenge is to constantly innovate solutions to offer a simple and fluid user experience.
The objective for the future is to continue to expand the company's presence on the international market.

Discover the press release on BFM Business website.