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Our solutions for booking in-house services

Our solutions for booking in-house services

With Hamilton Service, our in-house service booking solution, you can offer your employees a wellness experience.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, your employees can benefit from a range of services to suit their needs.

Yoga for business

The benefits of Hamilton Services for your employees

Hamilton Services stands out as an in-house service booking software, designed to simplify and speed up service booking, with the aim of enhancing the well-being of your employees, creating a more productive working environment and fulfillment for all.

Improve employee efficiency

With its intuitive interface, it revolutionizes the booking management of services offered to residents, improving efficiency. Well-being will be translated into optimal productivity for your company.

Simplify booking management for your activities

he solution we've put in place simplifies the management of your bookings for activities offered by the company, HR or works council. You can register for a service (massage, sport...), select a date and time that suits you, and add this information to your calendar.

Improve your time management

Thanks to the validation system, the software has found the solution to improve your time management by using a color-coded validation system based on the different time slots and statuses.

Keep up to date with our services

Through a digitalized catalog accessible to every employee, you can optimize your schedule. You'll be kept constantly up to date on available services and the latest developments, enabling you to manage your business more efficiently.

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Features for your well-being

Our software offers a host of features designed to improve the management of your relaxation time. By using these features, you promote the well-being of your employees, boosting their productivity. By investing in their well-being, you create a more efficient and fulfilling working environment.

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Simplify your business travel

The software offers simplified color-coded booking of mobility resources. You can easily reserve a car for your business trips. You'll be promoting sustainability by offering electric charging stations, thus supporting the environment and CSR.

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Show your employees how to manage stress

Offer them in-house moments of relaxation with a variety of activities such as yoga sessions, osteopathy, sophrology, and many others. Our service booking solution is the key to improving your employees' well-being.

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Customize your catalog of services

Our in-house service management solution lets you customize your catalog online or on-site. This customization adapts perfectly to your needs and those of your employees, guaranteeing unrivalled flexibility.

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Order directly from

In addition to the catering system including menu, associated services and dedicated delivery service, we offer you the possibility of ordering and receiving in-house various items, such as umbrellas, textiles, gift items, etc., directly from the store on your site.

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Easy-to-use interface

Thanks to its administration mode and intuitive interface, you can easily integrate the content you want to display. Your employees will be able to see, internally and in real time, the menu, the parking lot's opening hours, the number of spaces available and much more useful information for their development within the company.

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Manage pricing according to your needs

You can easily define and adjust the prices of your services to suit your needs, using charge codes. Prices are calculated taking VAT and sales tax into account, offering essential flexibility for your pricing management.

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100% digital will simplify your organization

Thanks to a 100% digitalized system, you benefit from a simplified solution for your organization. Receive real-time notifications via email or SMS to validate and track the progress of your bookings, improving the management of your business.

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Detailed service reports

With our service management solution, you can optimize the quality of your services and promote the well-being of your employees. Get detailed reports on your most popular services in just a few minutes.

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The benefits of the internal services booking solution for employee well-being

Aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed employee habits within the company, Hamilton Services explains why the solution for booking and selling services to internal residents will benefit you:

  • Reduced absenteeism: by improving the mental and physical health of your employees, the solution can help reduce absenteeism.
  • Employee satisfaction: offering services to your employees shows concern for their well-being, which is good for job satisfaction.
  • Strengthening team cohesion: our solution for booking in-house services promotes communication and solidarity.
  • Improved productivity: by reducing stress, relaxation has been shown to increase concentration and efficiency at work.
  • Time-saving mobility: simplified booking for business vehicles reduces the time spent planning trips, allowing employees to concentrate on their core tasks.
  • Cultural and sporting activities such as yoga, osteopathy, sophrology and many others in the workplace offer numerous benefits, both physical and mental, contributing to health, well-being and productivity.
According to studies, work ranks third among the fundamental aspects of employees' lives, just after family and money, and on a par with leisure. It's in the company's interest to ensure employee satisfaction, thus promoting the overall well-being of all.

Pascal GILABER, Hamilton Apps