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What is the point of an electronic incident logbook ?

The changing expectations of employees regarding their working environments and the emergence of new risks place a heavy responsibility on employers.For example, building safety and security is a key concern for companies.

At the same time, according to a study by OpinionWay (1), “48% of French employees expect their employers to try to strengthen the security of their companies.”

To meet these needs, the management and traceability of incidents are being modernised and the electronic duty log is becoming easier to use.

A digital log

For several years now, digitisation has been a major issue for the world of work, to the extent that it has become one of the first pillars of the digital transformation of companies and public organisations.

Computerized security software is used by security professionals on a daily basis. They enable the centralization and remote tracking of all information required for optimum on-site security. These solutions also provide transparent supervision of all security teams.

Some of the key features of these tools include:

  • Reporting of incidents and anomalies (breakdown, alarm, fire, DATI alert, intrusion, etc.),
  • Handling of incidents (intervention of the emergency services, removal of doubt, acknowledgement, etc.),
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Intake and termination of services,
  • Round management
  • Temporary and permanent safety instructions,

The flexibility offered by this type of solution allows each company to apply its security policy while maintaining the unique features of its processes.

A typical application: Incident management 

Within the framework of an incident management process, the reporting of an alert must follow a clear and simple procedure, known by all the stakeholders directly or indirectly linked to the organisation (sometimes including IT, the information system security chain, business managers, operators, partners, etc.). ).

Security guards can report incidents on site in real time and from any medium. All necessary information, such as precise descriptions, photos or videos, can be recorded on the digital duty logging software.

This complete and immediate knowledge of the event enables its handling and follow-up to be closely monitored until its closure.

Finally, the retention of data and the detailed analysis of reports will be essential elements in your medium and long-term management.

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Source (1): OpinionWay