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What are the norms for the reception of PRMs?

Access to reception desks in certain businesses and public establishments is still difficult for people with reduced mobility (PRM). However, for many years, the French government has defined standards for this purpose, but they are still not respected.

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Accessibility standards to be applied for kiosks

On February 11, 2005, the law "for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people" was enacted under the Raffarin government.

In section 11, it is clearly stated that:

"Equipment, furniture, control devices, and services in establishments that receive the public or in all facilities open to the public must be locatable, reachable, and usable by persons with disabilities. The layout of equipment must not create obstacles or hazards for persons with visual impairments.

Article 11 - law for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people

You must therefore take many steps to meet these various standards.

To begin with, you should locate your PRM reception desk preferably at the entrance of your establishment to allow all your customers to find it without any problem.

You can also consider installing a much brighter light in the area where this equipment is located. You should also consider a PRM bollard with rounded edges to limit accidents. You should also provide sufficient turning space around this device to better assist people in wheelchairs.

In addition, kiosks should be used by both standing and seated users. You must make certain provisions for this, such as providing space for people in wheelchairs to write a document or put their bags down. They must also have certain specific dimensions to allow PRMs to put their feet or knee down when they need to write a note or read a document. These are a set of standards that must be met to ensure that kiosks are accessible to people with disabilities.

Recommended dimensions for a PMR reception desk

As far as the dimensions of a PRM kiosk are concerned, it is important to remember that it must be accessible from both a sitting and standing position. This allows disabled people in wheelchairs and people of small stature to access the information displayed.

The dimensions to be respected to ensure this are :

  • Between 0,90 m and 1,30 m for the height of the PMR reception post;
  • at least 0.70 m and maximum 0.80 m with regard to the size of the void below the bollard;
  • the void must have a minimum depth of 0.30 m and a maximum of 0.5 m with a width of 0.6 m in order to allow the disabled person to pass his feet and knee under the equipment without disturbing himself.

All of these requirements must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure the accessibility of the kiosks for persons with reduced mobility within your establishment.

If you wish to equip yourself with a standard kiosk while guaranteeing ease of use and maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us.