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Rationalize the m2 of your offices

In an interview with Lionel COTTIN of ANews Workwell, Pascal GILABER, CEO of Hamilton Apps, discusses the challenges of teleworking.

Don't be a victim of telecommuting, but support the transformation of the working environment by digitizing space management. Watch the interview in this video.

The economic challenges of developing teleworking

ANews Workwell What does Hamilton Apps do?

Pascal Gilaber Hamilton apps is a software company operating in the smart workplace.

Hamilton Apps is a French company that delivers technology made in France.

Companies face many problems. For example, how can I find a workspace close to my colleague? Can I find a space where I can have confidential phone conversations? How will I welcome a visitor?

We deliver solutions to address these issues with visitor management, meeting room management, intervention requests...

We have been in existence for more than 20 years with customers who have trusted us for several years with a 60% growth achieved in 2022.

ANews Workwell What are the market trends?

Pascal Gilaber Pascal Gilaber: First of all, it's a global market of more than 1 billion dollars with a growth rate of about 40%/year. It is therefore a very dynamic market with an evolution linked to more and more teleworking.

The problem of companies is to optimize the m² used since today we no longer produce a m² or a workstation for one employee but for two or even three employees.

Tools are therefore needed to manage both the optimization of these m² because it is a major economic issue, but also for the social climate, the satisfaction of the staff through a digitalization that meets the expectations of the latter who wish to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable.

ANews Workwell: Make sure you're interconnected?

Pascal Gilaber Pascal Gilaber: Large companies have problems in terms of security, for example with access control systems or electronic directories. We interconnect with all these needs.

ANews Workwell: What's new at Hamilton Apps?

Pascal Gilaber: We are moving towards mobile equipment to use the solutions on smartphones.

Among the innovations, we have developed specific functionalities such as the automation of address reading on incoming mail.

We are going to release a workstation reservation solution called "desk booking" and then we continue to adapt our solutions to all company panels, that is, we have an online sales model for small companies and for larger companies, we respond to large tenders.

We are focusing on our international development with the objective of increasing our market share to 25% in the international market within the next three years.