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Innovative solutions for the events sector

Since the beginning of the health crisis, many events have had to be postponed or even cancelled, with the crisis hitting the events sector hard at the heart of the season. Benoit Ramozzi, the general delegate of the "LEVENEMENT" association, estimates that the drop in turnover for companies in the sector is around 80% for the year 2020. This loss is linked to the various governmental restrictions and more particularly to the confinements and limitations of gatherings.

Every year, the Union Française des Métiers de l'Événement (French Union of Event Trades) carries out a study which presents the trends in this market in figures.

According to this survey, 72% of French people would be more inclined to participate in events if the management of queues was arranged according to recommended health measures. (1)

More than ever, these new challenges are driving companies in the events sector to adopt innovative solutions to manage visitor reception, as well as event rooms and venues.

Visitor management in the events sector

Since June 9, trade shows, festivals and seminars have once again been able to welcome visitors. The management of queues and physical contact are essential to ensure the best possible sanitary conditions for visitors.

The many different types of event imply different constraints that should not be overlooked. Visitors to a public exhibition, professionals at a seminar or festival-goers will not be welcomed in the same way.

This type of innovative solution can be found in the management of events such as:
- Seminars
- Conferences and congresses
- Product launches
- Team building
- Festivals
- Trade fairs, shows or exhibitions
- Sports events

For example, during a seminar, professionals can be welcomed in two ways.
The first consists of welcoming the visitor directly at the venue's reception desk in order to check in from the host's computer.
The second way is to welcome the visitor, with or without a reception team, directly from a kiosk located at the entrance to the venue. Visitors can then proceed to self-registration in complete autonomy or confirm their arrival when they already have an invitation with a QR code.

Event room management at France Galop

While visitor management is one of the major concerns of event organisers, room and venue management is gradually becoming a guarantee of efficiency in the resumption of activity.

At Hamilton Apps by Safeware, we are fortunate to have France Galop, the organisers of the national flat and jump races, as a client.
France Galop plays an essential role in the organisation of racing in France and has a wide range of activities. Its role is :

  • Encourage breeding to improve the different breeds of galloping horses,
  • Determining allowances and bonuses,
  • Encourage training,
  • To ensure the regularity of the competition by enforcing the Racing Code
  • Organise the fight against doping.

For almost 2 years, France Galop has been using Hamilton Meeting for the management of event rooms.

Karl Salmon Foucher, Project Manager for Event Operations & Coordination at France Galop, shares his observations on the impact of the health crisis and his new challenges.

"In order to manage our different areas on our 5 racecourses, we use the Hamilton Meeting application on a daily basis. Since the beginning of the health crisis, this tool has become a real ally in our organisation. It has enabled us to gain visibility, responsiveness and co-activity between the various players, both internal and external.

All our teams quickly adopted the software because of its ease of use.

Since we started using Hamilton Meeting, we have seen a real improvement in the management and anticipation of our various events.

With the recent upturn in activity, companies in this sector are realising the importance of these applications.

If you are an event professional and you are wondering about the necessity or feasibility of these solutions, contact one of our experts.

(1) https://www.unimev.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/EventDataBook_2020_doublepage_VF.pdf