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Safeware becomes Hamilton Apps

Over 2 years ago we created the Hamilton Apps brand to centralise all our Smart Workplace solutions under one banner.

With Hamilton Apps, we continue to build on the foundation of Safeware and push the boundaries of our innovation and expertise to your satisfaction.

Did you enjoy using our Telemaque, Gesroom and Omnigarde software? (Re) Discover our software with new features.

Telemaque becomes Hamilton Visitor

Modernise your reception service by offering your visitors a unique experience. Controlling the flow of visitors and reducing waiting time for visitors enhances your company's image and enhances site security.

Gesroom becomes Hamilton Meeting

Efficiently control and optimise the use of your meeting rooms by using a more intelligent booking process: plan meetings, invite your employees, or order a lunch break.

Omnigarde becomes Hamilton Security

Keep yourself informed of any event occurring on your premises and simplify the work of your security guards by centralising your information.

Our range is also gradually expanding, and we continue to innovate in order to offer you solutions that meet current needs.

In recent years we have intensified our R&D efforts and are currently developing 3 new Smart Workplace solutions: Hamilton Workplace, Hamilton Facility and Hamilton Services
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