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A new feature – Contactless check-in

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged businesses into a harsh climate of unease and uncertainty over the spread of the virus globally. The world of work has had to adapt at short notice and most companies have found they have had to implement concrete operational measures to keep their business going. While homeworking, partial unemployment and holiday planning are now under control, as the world begins to recover, workplace protection is becoming a major issue.

According to figures from French consulting firm Mercer (1), 80% of employees are afraid that they or their loved ones will get infected. However, it seems that the topic of returning to offices is not being addressed to meet this concern.

You now once again have the pleasure, but also the huge responsibility, of welcoming employees to their workspaces. With them, visitor numbers will gradually return to normal.

Are you ready to keep them safe?

At a time when scarcely half of all companies feel that their service providers are providing them with effective support during a crisis(1), Hamilton Apps is committed to supporting you, and has risen to the challenge by unveiling a solution dedicated to the very special circumstances of returning to your premises. (Download our product sheet)

The contactless solution for your reception teams

As usual, reception teams will be on the front line to welcome your visitors. Undergirding your safe workplace strategies, their cross-contact between visitors and employees will be points of tension not to be overlooked. It is therefore essential that you plan the reorganisation of your front desks, so that everyone can resume work on site in the best conditions.

The visitor management software will be a key asset in the context of these new measures.

Thanks to Hamilton Visitor, dynamic check-in procedures (going out to meet visitors with a tablet), or even the electronic signing of documents (GDPR, health and safety conditions etc.) were already possible. Now, the Apple iPad app enables contactless visitor registration among your teams, in strict compliance with social distancing measures.

Visitors are taken care of at the reception terminal. They first scan a QR code emailed to them beforehand when invited to the office, then retrieve their adhesive badge. They are then sent a notification and emailed all the documents necessary for the smooth running of their visit.

This procedure is therefore carried out without any physical contact (no exchange of documents, no handover of reusable badges and no interaction with reception equipment). Your teams can then focus on complying with disease prevention measures, as well as communicating important information about the visit.

Independent, contactless check-in

We know you may need to adjust your hosts’ schedule and adapt your front desk opening hours, or some sites don’t have a reception team.

The Hamilton Visitor app on the iPad and its “Contactless” module allow your visitors to check in completely independently.

A wide variety of secure bases enhances the use of our solutions and brings a touch of elegance to your front desks. The terminal effectively holds the tablet, and includes a key security system to protect it from unwanted use, as well as the risk of theft.

The check-in process is automatic and the way it is managed allows you to control flows in real time wherever you are. The person receiving the visit or a member of the security team will be able to unlock the access control if need be.

Finally, we recommend that you add a foot-operated hydroalcoholic gel dispenser to the check-in device in order to reassure your visitors and all staff members.

To conclude, efficient and reliable visitor management will be a great asset to support you in your strategy to combat the transmission of the virus in your buildings.

We are continuing to actively work on the deployment of new functionalities linked to the health crisis.

We are on hand and available for you to provide you with personalised advice.

(1) Source: COVID-19, Mercer