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Facilitating the registration of visitors in a retirement home.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable population groups. However, when they reside in a retirement home, regular visits from friends and family allow them to maintain a fundamental link with the outside world. Faced with these numerous visits, the structures are often overwhelmed and manage the reception with the means at hand. This is especially the case since the Covid-19 pandemic, where checks have been reinforced. Registration procedures are time consuming, which leads to a decrease in the quality of reception. What can be done to facilitate the registration of visitors? Is the kiosk an effective solution?

Visitor's register in a retirement home, what is the importance?

The register is a document that tracks the visits of people entering and leaving a facility. It is used on a daily basis in companies and healthcare establishments. In today's health context, it is considered an important document for guaranteeing resident safety.

When a person visits a family member, he or she must go through the visitor's log. This allows the nursing home to keep track of the visit. The document includes the following information: the identity of the person, the resident they are visiting and their contact information.

Many nursing homes still use a paper register to record their visitors. In this case, visitors must manually fill out a form at the reception desk. On the other hand, other establishments now use the digital version with the help of a reception terminal.

Reducing the information collected for an effective registry

To make it easier to welcome visitors, the register should be easy to fill out. Whatever medium is used, make sure it is legible and that the font used is suitable for all visitors.

Some forms ask for information that is not relevant to a visit. In the case of a digital format, it is important to distinguish important information from non-essential information. The following basic data should be included in the welcome station:

  • Visitor's name;
  • the date of the visit ;
  • the name of the resident to be visited ;
  • arrival and departure time.

Depending on the nature of the visitors to the nursing home, you can add an additional field. If your facility receives providers regularly, you can add a "reason for visit" field to distinguish them from families, for example.

The use of information collected from the kiosk as part of a visit must comply with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). Since the pandemic, visitors are now required to provide additional information in order to protect the elderly.

The reception desk: for an easier registration of the visitors

Implementing an effective visitor management system is a good initiative. However, to enhance security in healthcare facilities, we believe that a digital logbook is a better option.

The use of a kiosk allows you, for example, to assign a name badge to a visitor. Visitor badges allow you to control access authorizations. In addition, your software guarantees traceability of all visits over time. In case of problem, you can easily check the period of passage of a visitor.

If you are considering a digital visitor management solution for your facility, please contact us for more information.