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The visitor's register, a support par excellence!

Keeping track of visitor information is an essential way to keep track of visitors coming and going as they pass through your premises. In recent years, visitor log software has improved the digitization of the logbook, which is much more familiar in paper form.

An essential tool for recording visits

The visitor's register is a document that records the entries and exits of visitors in any location. It is suitable for businesses, institutions and organizations. The visitor's register contains information such as the name and contact details of the visitor, the date and time of the visit, the name of the host, the particularity of the visitor (VIP...) and other important information for the company (e.g. the purpose of the meeting).

Visitor management software is very beneficial

The use of the registry is of great importance for companies. The positive points of its use are the following:

The use of the registry is of great importance for companies.

The positive points of its use are the following:

The reinforcement of security in companies 

One of the benefits of a visitor logbook is to enhance security by tracking who enters and exits the premises. The visitor logbook can provide a detailed record of visitor access to your premises. The logbook also allows for the investigation of any infractions or incidents that may occur on your premises. Finally, the visitor logbook provides a quick response to security or safety emergencies.

Regulatory compliance 

It is the rules that organizations must follow to protect sensitive information and personal security. For companies such as those in the telecommunication sector, recording visitor and employee data in an Excel spreadsheet or a sheet of paper is insecure and exposes personal data security risks. It is therefore necessary to secure data management digitally, for example with a strong password, to meet compliance requirements.

Improving the visitor experience 

Businesses are using visitor logs to personalize the welcome and enhance the experience. Here's an example of a next-generation visitor experience enabled by leading visitor log technologies:

Easy pre-registration 

The visitor will receive an email before his arrival. This email will contain the information necessary for his visit, along with a QR code. The visitor will be able to start the registration process before his arrival on the site.

Quick registration

Once at the reception desk, the visitor can register with his QR code by following the instructions indicated on a terminal. The entire registration process is quick and easy. The visitor register avoids long waits at the entrance of the building.

Host notification

Once the registration process is completed, the host receives a notification via SMS or email. This saves time and avoids waiting for both parties.

A simple and efficient digitization of the visitors' register

The modern Hamilton Visitor logbook creates a beautiful image for your brand with its multiple benefits:

A strong impression on your visitors at the reception desk

 The Hamilton Visitor registry allows companies to create a modern brand image for visitors. It provides the ability to welcome prospects, employees, contractors, applicants and more with easier registration methods. The application allows pre-registration and automatic registration of visitors.

A customizable tool

An iPad terminal is available when visitors arrive at the reception desk. It allows you to record useful information for the control of the access of the visitors in your sites. Visitors will have to fill in all necessary, personalized and mandatory information. You can print badges with a color of your choice.

Saving time 

Because the registry is intuitive to use, the application allows visitors to enter their data independently without the need for a host. This process allows visitors and their hosts to save time when arriving at the site.

Enhanced security for your premises 

In the event of a fire in a company for example, it is important to quickly identify the people and visitors who have been evacuated in order to transmit the information to the emergency services. Indeed, this visitors' register is necessary to report missing persons before the intervention to search for the person or persons in question in the buildings.

Data confidentiality 

Our software complies with current European regulations on the processing of personal data. Anyone who fills out a paper visitor log has the ability to see the information about the people who filled it out before them. To ensure compliance with the RGPD, the Hamilton Visitor software offers a digital solution with secure access to your data.

Synchronization with the LDAP staff registry 

The registry is used to facilitate the feeding of the user list from the staff directory. In the telecommunications, banking and many other sectors, for example, the visitor register is used to facilitate the configuration of hosts authorized to create invitations. Companies use this interfacing with the employee directory to authorize employees to register visitors in the electronic guestbook.

Interfacing with other tools

Hamilton Visitor makes it easier to optimize the workflow and manage visitor data. For example, some companies based in the aeronautics sector use the proposed interface to control the access of visitors, employees to a specific area. This will generate an automatic authorization of the visitor to the assigned area.

Tips for your visitor policy

  • Companies must consider privacy issues when collecting data. They must be aware of data protection laws and regulations. They must also ensure that the information provided is stored and managed securely. Visitors have the right to know what information is provided about them in the registry and how it is used.
  • It is important that companies comply with laws and regulations regarding discrimination. As such, the visitor registry should not be used to discriminate against visitors based on their race, gender, origin, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law. Companies must be aware of discrimination and ensure that their visitor policies are correct and comply with the law.

Visitor registration is a very important tool for companies and organizations to improve and secure the visitor experience. It is therefore very important to comply with data protection and discrimination laws and regulations, and to ensure the confidentiality of the information collected.

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