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Take advantage of the free test with Hamilton apps

Do you manage several meeting rooms, or does your company rent out conference rooms or banquet halls as a core business? The organization of these spaces can be tedious, so use Hamilton Apps' version of room planning and reservation software. What better way to see the benefits of a tool than with a demo?

What is the purpose of the free room reservation software?

In a company, it happens that meetings follow one another or must be held at the same time. The organizers have to ask the manager if a room is available at the desired date and time. The manager looks at the agenda and confirms the time or suggests another slot.

Organizing bookings using an online room scheduling and reservation application is a great way to get started and optimize your time. In fact, this type of solution not only prevents potential errors, but also lightens your workload. Interested parties can check the availability of a room, make sure it can accommodate their workforce, and block it in just a few clicks.

The use of a planning tool is practical to avoid forgetting, duplicate bookings and the risk that rooms do not correspond to users' needs. It also allows you to manage several rooms and several sites.

In order to discover its features and benefits, it is interesting to use it in demo mode. This free test version proposed by Hamilton Apps also allows you to get an idea of its ergonomics. Basically, you see each reservation with its date, the name of the person who made it, the name of the room, its status (new, approved, cancelled). The display is dynamic, attractive and offers a user experience.

The functions of a room reservation software

Even in its free version, this application is functional and allows you to perform several tasks:

- manage users

- synchronize with the participants' agenda

- send them a notification so they don't forget their meeting

- release the room automatically if it is not occupied at the scheduled time

- to establish the history of the occupations

- calculate the profitability of each space

- manage resources

- secure access

This room planning and reservation tool allows you to prevent rooms from remaining empty so that they can be quickly assigned to other users. This way, you can maximize their profitability. It also guarantees your customers' satisfaction, since they choose their room based on the description they see on the app.

So, are you ready to try the Hamilton Apps experience?

Who is the free venue booking software designed for?

Such a program is useful for:

- Conference centers with multiple rooms

- reception areas and party rooms

- showrooms, showrooms and galleries

- companies with multiple workspaces

- training centers managing several classes

- gyms with multiple groups of participants

- medical centers where practitioners rent their offices on a rotating basis

- coworking spaces, etc.

Hamilton Apps' Hamilton Meeting room scheduling and booking software is versatile, user-friendly and a great help for planning your rentals and room occupancy. Try our free demo and get your personalized quote now.