Hamilton Apps is on the hunt for Java J2EE developers, UX/UI designers and software architects based in Paris and Sofia.

Instead of hiring recruiters, we have decided to ask you for your referrals.

Refer your friends, family, or colleagues that know how to code. Our hiring bar is and will continue to be, very high. If we do hire your candidate, you’ll get the much-hyped iPhone X, your friend gets a job with a great tech company that is building a smarter workplace. That’s what we call a true win-win situation. So, put on your thinking cap and refer the best talent.

Follow the three quick steps to refer a developer:

1. Search for the best talent.

Identify a suitable talent in your network

2. Submit

Submit the referral details here – HamiltonAppsReferral
It takes one 
minute, we promise!

3. Get a new iPhone X

We’ll send you a brand-new, iPhone X as soon as your referral is hired.

We have kept your iPhones ready. Are you ready for the challenge?