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Parking software

Parking lot welcome software

Parking lot welcome software

The parking lot visitor reception software has been designed with the main aim of simplifying the management of visitors by vehicle, and providing visibility of vehicle slot occupancy.

The software represents complete solutions for maximizing the efficiency of parking space utilization, and smoothing the flow of visitors and vehicles at the parking lot entrance.

The benefits of your parking lot visitor and vehicle management software

Save your visitors time at the entrance to your parking lot. Hamilton Visitor offers you a complete parking lot reception management module.

Smooth vehicle reception and check-in, easy badge issuance, security at all company entrances, quick identification of free parking spaces, give your guests the best visiting experience!

A professional welcome right from the parking lot

Your visitors can arrive directly at the parking lot reception desk, without having to pass through the visitors' lobby first. This makes it easier to manage the reception of visitors with vehicles. Benefit from an all-in-one tool, by welcoming guests without a vehicle and those with one on the same platform.


Optimize parking spaces

The parking lot reception software stands out for its ability to identify the number of spaces still available, thus minimizing unused areas and enabling maximum utilization of the parking lot's capacity. The software thus offers a practical and efficient solution for parking lot managers and users alike.

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Simplified interfacing with other systems

The solution can easily be interfaced with a surveillance or access control system. Parking lot management software is designed to enhance site security by carefully monitoring entry and exit movements, thus guaranteeing the safety of the vehicles and users using the parking lot.

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Take visitors and employees on board

A parking lot reception management solution will benefit not only your customers, subcontractors, applicants and other visitors, but also your in-house staff. You can pre-register any category of user.

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Features to make the most of digital visitor reception in the parking lot

Automate and digitize the management of vehicle reception in the parking lot. Check-in, welcome guests, employees and their vehicles at the parking lot, or book cabs.

Parking lot reception software offers a wide range of useful functions for welcoming guests and staff to your company.

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Registration of parking lot entrances and exits

The parking lot reception software is designed to ensure rigorous traceability, by meticulously recording the movements of each visitor, thus establishing remarkable precision on the precise dates and times of their arrival at and departure from the parking lot, offering detailed documentation of movements, useful for company security.

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Management of parking spaces at the parking lot reception

Parking lot management software enables real-time monitoring of parking space availability, allowing simple allocation of spaces according to availability, while accurately identifying free zones to ensure optimum parking lot utilization.

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Compatibility with access control systems

Integrating multiple technologies such as RFID cards or license plate recognition into the parking lot reception software is easy. This enhances security, providing a contemporary and versatile method of ensuring effective control of parking lot access.

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Pre-registration of visitors and their vehicles in the parking lot

With the parking reception software, you can reserve parking spaces in advance. This software enables visitors and employees to guarantee the availability of a parking space during their visit, ensuring a pleasant welcome with easy access. Visitors avoid the hassle of searching for a free space.

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Double registration for visitors and vehicles in the parking lot

You can customize the reception policy to suit your security or organizational needs. The vehicle can be registered at the parking lot, with the driver signposted to the reception team. You can also register the visitor-driver and the vehicle in the parking lot at the same time. All you have to do is indicate the access route.

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Reporting and analysis of visitor reception at the parking lot

Thanks to the statistics provided by our parking lot reception software, you can analyze your activities, the frequency with which visitors and their vehicles enter and leave your facility, and the occupancy rate of your parking spaces. These data enable in-depth analysis of trends, providing a solid basis for optimizing your reception policy.

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Multi-language for international visitors

The parking lot reception software features a multi-language interface adapted to the specific needs of Anglo-Saxon visitors and staff, and many other languages, enabling them to benefit from intuitive use of the software, promoting better understanding in the preparation of each visit.

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Cloud technology for optimal use

It's a SaaS solution enabling you to access the visitor reception solution at the parking lot at any time, from anywhere. You can register or pre-register your visitors and ensure excellent preparation for your meetings. The platform is accessible on computer, tablet and mobile.

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Why is parking lot reception software so important to business practice?

This is a very popular solution with companies, as it means they can forget about paper license plate records. Not only is the data unusable in the event of a fire or security problem, but you also miss out on the valuable analysis provided by the statistical functionality. Using a digitalized application guarantees simple, fast and secure management. Operational benefits include

A professional first impression right from the parking lot

The parking lot entrance is often the first point of contact for many visitors. A smooth, professional and efficient welcome to the parking lot creates a positive first impression of the company before an important negotiation with a customer.

Personal and vehicle safety

By accurately identifying all visitor and vehicle movements, you have real-time visibility of visitors inside the building. If you need to evacuate, you won't panic.

Multifunctional software

The solution offers both people and vehicle check-in functionality. You can register your visitors in two steps, or with a two-in-one process. This is important for your company's overall operational efficiency.

This parking lot welcome function is an integral part of the Hamilton Visitor range. The solution offers you all-in-one features to enhance your visitor reception! The visiting experience of your guests, employees, candidates and customers is a strategic element in building your company's image.

"Hamilton Visitor has a double advantage. The solution makes it possible to manage both the people visiting and their parking. All in one tool."

Pascal GILABER, Hamilton Apps