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Room reservation software logo - Hamilton Apps

Meeting Software

Manage your meeting rooms with software that adapts to your needs

By adapting to your needs, Hamilton Meeting software enables you to efficiently organize your meeting rooms, manage your offices and many other services.

The software can be combined with the visitor management solution, Hamilton Visitor. You can use the same platform to book your meeting rooms and welcome customers.  

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Useful software for your customers and employees

Avoid finding yourself without an available meeting room for an important meeting. Hamilton Meeting is easy-to-use meeting room management software. The tool offers numerous benefits that will make your work easier, as well as that of your colleagues.

meeting management software - Hamilton Apps

Work with peace of mind

Hamilton Meeting makes working stress-free. No more conflicts about which room is occupied and which is not. Everything is pre-programmed and accessible to all members of your team, so they know which meeting rooms their colleagues are using. Each member of staff can reserve the free room of his or her choice at any time.

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Intelligent presence sensors

To fight against empty meeting rooms, intelligent sensors are placed in them to detect the presence of users and ensure that the meeting room is actually occupied. The unoccupied room can then be freed up and booked by other colleagues.

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Room and space occupancy rates

Thanks to the statistics provided, your company can optimize occupancy rates. Various reports provide information on room occupancy and much more. Detailed reports enable you to optimize resources and square meters. So you can keep your real estate budget under control.

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Fast, digitized display

With our digital space management system, your meetings will be easier to organize. You'll save time, be more productive and simplify your daily routine. Access your own schedule, that of your colleagues, and that of rooms in different buildings on all floors. You can quickly find and book the room that suits you best.

Room reservation software logo - Hamilton Apps

Always the right tool for you.

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Meeting management application - Hamilton Apps

Collaborate efficiently thanks to Hamilton Meeting's wide range of features

The meeting room management application adapts to your needs, taking your expectations into account with a simple, easy-to-use tool. In just a few clicks, from your cell phone, tablet or computer, you can save precious time.

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Simplification thanks to an intuitive digital display

You're looking for a room for your meeting. Don't know if they're free or not, or if they're really occupied? We understand your needs and provide the solution. This workspace management tool lets you quickly reserve a meeting room on a touch screen. On the

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Meeting room management software statistics - Hamilton Apps

Optimizing meeting room occupancy rates

Detailed reports are available to help you improve your efficiency. Statistics shed light on the number of unoccupied reserved rooms still available, the most booked meeting rooms and much other important information that will help you manage the organization of your meeting rooms and your schedule.

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Fluidity for every member

This tool's meeting room booking system allows you to manage your meetings more efficiently, thanks to the seamless organization of meeting link shared directly on the application with your colleagues.

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coworking management software - Hamilton Apps

An adaptable software

This software combines with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, but also with your other tools, so you benefit from a powerful solution tailored to your working methods. When you book your meeting slot, links are automatically generated. They're instantly integrated into your schedule, so you don't have to worry about

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Customize your meeting room management application - Hamilton Apps

Make your meetings easier

Hamilton Meeting offers easy installation and use for company collaborators. The meeting room management software can be customized to suit your environment: company directory, single sign-on (SSO), RFID badges.

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coworking management software - Hamilton Apps

A solution for every type of business

The main aim of this software is always to help you manage the organization and booking of meeting rooms, quickly and efficiently, adapting it to your needs whatever the size of your company. Whether you're an SME or a multinational,

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Invoicing your orders and services

In addition to meeting room management, Hamilton Meeting offers thebilling feature. The platform can track your service orders directly from the application. Each order can be assigned to a name or budget line for transparent (re)invoicing.

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Meeting room management software services - Hamilton Apps

Catering, an associated service

The catering service is proposed in the list of your services, available in the filters when booking the meeting. Whether it's a breakfast, a bottle of champagne, etc., all you have to do is tick the box. The software shows the total amount of expenses incurred. So book in

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Discover our other solutions to book desks in flex office : Deskbooking

You'll also find Hamilton Deskbooking's Flex Office reservation solution. This offer enables you to book your individual desks and spces online, whether you're on site or remotely , intuitively and efficiently, to facilitate your employees' desks bookings and your company's space management.

Intuitive and simple! In addition to booking meeting rooms, Hamilton Meeting users benefit from the advantages of the visitor portal, all on a single platform.

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