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Case study - Orano

« Hamilton Visitor and Hamilton Security software have been very efficient and it makes the end user experience much easier.

Thanks to the quick processing of facility requests and to the faster service response, we significantly improved employee satisfaction and the overall well-being. »


Products used

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The results

Orano's 4,000 employees and 1,000 subcontractors at the company's 17 sites in France use Hamilton Visitor and Hamilton Security software on a daily basis to optimize their work. These solutions have not only enabled the staff to increase the security of the work sites but also to save resources.

Hamilton Visitor - visitor management software :

Deployment of a highly secure visitor management software with a configurable workflow to meet the demands of the 17 sites. The software is installed locally and managed from a central platform, such as the company's headquarters.
Provides controlled access to different categories of visitors based on their work profile and certain criteria.
Centrally manages 17 sites from the headquarters in coordination with the security team and the facilities team.

Hamilton Security - physical security software :

Provides 24/7 access to the mobile workforce via software designed for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Significantly improves the ability to manage and respond instantly to incidents. Provides full visibility of all ongoing security-related matters.

Our customer

Paris headquartered Orano is a multinational nuclear materials development and waste management company whose activities encompass mining, conversion-enrichment, used fuel recycling, nuclear logistics, dismantling and engineering. The group has over 16,000 employees across its 13 office globally. Its mining and conversion-enrichment activities place it in the top three worldwide.

Orano's facility management and security team was looking for a highly secure, flexible and comprehensive visitor management and physical security solution.


Orano needed a highly secured and customised Visitor Management Software to manage visitors, suppliers and contractors across its 17 sites in France. To meet nuclear industry’s higher security standards Orano wanted to install the software on their private server and manage it centrally.

Further, Orano's security team was also looking to upgrade their Physical Security software and was in search for a solution which met their sector-specific requirements.

After an extensive and careful evaluation of the global visitor management software market, Orano decided to implement Hamilton Visitor at their sites across France because of its smart, secure features and for meeting their industry-specific requirements. The security team chose Hamilton Security – Physical Security Software as their new upgraded software after being impressed by its enhanced incident reporting features.


Being in a niche industry Orano was looking for highly secured, customisable and scalable solutions – Visitor Management and Physical Security Software. Their search ended with Hamilton Visitor and Hamilton Security. The product team at Hamilton Apps assisted Orano staff with the installation of Hamilton Visitor on their personal server with ease. Hamilton Visitor’s unmatched features and the personalisation made the adoption quicker across their sites.

Orano wanted to create a central control system at their headquarters in Paris to manage visitor and security departments. With Hamilton Visitor’s customised solution Orano was able to give specified access to each individual category of visitors – employees, contractors, guests and auditors.

The solutions were further customised to meet the unique requirement of Orano keeping in mind their customised workflow and security concerns of operating nuclear plants.

Moreover, Hamilton Security software was installed on their private server to be used for reporting of on-site security incidents by the security and facility management teams. Extensive training and support were provided to make Orano's staff familiar with software’s range of smart and easy-to-use features.