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Case study - Schneider Electric

“Hamilton Facility has been made available to all employees at our headquarters. The solution helps staff to report an incident to the facility team and track the progress in real-time.

Thanks to the quick processing of facility requests and to the faster service response, we significantly improved employee satisfaction and the overall well-being.”

Patrick Zielinski - Schneider Electric

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A centralized workplace management tool to meet the demands of an agile and modern workplace.

Allowing all staff members to book their meeting rooms, order catering and resources with just a few clicks.

Understand the utilisation of workplace resources and save administrative costs.


France-based Schneider Electric is an indisputable leader in Power Management. It creates the technology behind electric car charging stations, solar power storage systems and energy management software for factories and office buildings.

Schneider Electric has been in business for over 180 years with operations in over 100 countries and employs over 144,000 employees.


Schneider Electric was in search of an all-in-one Smart Workplace Management Solution to better manage workspace at their Paris headquarters. They used standalone software for the purpose of meeting room booking, visitor management and facility management. Their facility team along with the general managers were focused on getting a smart workplace software while keeping the overall well-being of their employees and scalability.

After conducting a full review of the leading workplace software companies in this market, Schneider Electric chose Hamilton Smart Workplace Management Solution with an objective to have one centralised tool for meeting room booking, visitor management, facility management, workplace maps, services and physical security software.


The all-in-one Hamilton Smart Workplace Management Solution provides the perfect solution for Schneider Electric. It was exactly what they were looking for: an easy-to-use centralised workplace tool for their employees and flexible workplace needs. The solution was easily adapted by 50,000 employees, who are spread across 14 of Schneider’s locations in France. Hamilton Meeting Software allowed users to book meeting rooms either from their desk using a computer, at the door by using an easy-to-use 10-inch touchscreen tablet or from their mobile phone while on the go. The holistic solution helps Schneider Electric save resources and effectively manage their workplace by taking advantage of the inbuilt smart analytics tool. Moreover, Hamilton Workplace software helps employees find colleagues and locate available hot desks for a quick meeting or elaborate collaborations.

Additionally, the Facility Management software incorporates a powerful ticketing system that helps employees report faults in the building directly to the facility team. Employees are notified of each update on the issue. Further, it enables Facility managers to have a full overview of all the incidents within the organisation. The Hamilton Community Software enables the staff at Schneider Electric to avail a range of on-site services, such as a yoga session, to enhance their well-being.

Schneider Electric also makes use of Hamilton Visitor – a visitor management software that automatically logs the arrival of a visitor at the reception before preparing their pass. The software has streamlined the visitor on-boarding process.