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Visitor system

The visitor registration system

The visitor registration system

In the modern era of dynamic workspaces, effective visitor reception is crucial.

Hamilton Visitor's visitor registration system redefines this dynamic by introducing an innovative approach to managing the constant flow at building entrances.

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The benefits of a visit recording system

The visit recording system is much more than just a technical solution. It embodies a transformation in management, combining efficiency, security and user-friendliness by offering :

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Modernizing reception by recording visits

Transform your reception process and optimize your guests' welcome by abandoning paper and complex software with our registration system. Evolve your welcome by offering a modern visitor experience, opting for a memorable itinerary that will undeniably enhance your company's reputation.

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An intuitive tour experience

To reinforce your strategy for preventing the transmission of viruses on your premises, we've created a touchless welcome application, specially designed for iPad. Now, your visitors can check in and out without having to touch the tablet, ensuring a secure, contactless experience thanks to the QR code system.

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Uncompromising system safety

Monitor access to your sites in real time and stay informed about visitor presence. With our visitor registration system, you can grant selective access to your guests according to their needs and in line with your reception and security policy, and benefit from assured, personalized and efficient proactive management.

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Effective resources for welcoming visitors

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, our system offers statistics that provide clear visibility of reception management. Dashboards facilitate early identification of workloads, enabling you to proactively adapt the organization of your reception teams, and keep a constant check on incoming and outgoing flows.

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The functionalities of a digital visitor registration system

Discover how our check-in system revolutionizes visitor registration by abandoning traditional methods and offering innovative, intuitive features:

Pre-registration of visits

Register your visitors for a smooth and pleasant experience. Your reception team can anticipate the day's visits, the arrival of VIPs, and other important points of attention. The Hamilton Visitor system offers simplified interfacing with the company's directory.


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Personalized invitation notification prior to visits

Explore the power of personalized invitation notifications, a key feature of our visit registration system. You can create personalized invitations to offer more than just a reminder


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Registration via digital badge with QR code

Check-in via a digital QR code badge offers a simplified solution that eliminates traditional formalities. Visitors no longer need to fill in tedious paper forms, and with a simple scan, registration is completed.


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Standard visit form for reception teams

Each standard visit sheet contains specific fields for crucial information such as name, company, reason for visit, etc. These details are easily accessible at a glance, enabling rapid identification.


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Mark visitors as VIP at check-in

During the check-in process, our system offers the option of marking certain visitors as VIPs. This personalization from the outset enables immediate identification of prestigious guests,


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Visit history system

Use this feature to track the evolution of interactions over time. This history provides a chronological log, enabling you to understand traffic patterns and identify peaks in activity,


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Document signature system (via iPad)

Our iPad-based document signature system radically simplifies the administrative formalities associated with visits. Instead of tedious manual procedures on confidentiality undertakings,


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Statistics and dashboards

Dashboards provide real-time visibility of visitor activity. With this system, you can view the number of visitors present, registrations in progress, and other key indicators. This feature


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Seamless integration with Hamilton Visitor

The Hamilton Visitor visitor registration system is a complete, all-in-one visitor management solution, playing an essential role in ensuring a safe and smooth welcome. This platform is aimed at all sectors, from private companies to public institutions, offering a modern, digital approach to welcoming visitors. Thanks to its many advanced functionalities, the system contributes to the creation of a welcoming and professional working environment.

"The Hamilton Visitor platform has been extended to all Safran Electronics Defense sites. The Information Systems project team has expressed great satisfaction with the support provided by SafeWare, and this positive opinion is also shared within the company's various branches."

Philippe Rouxel, Safran Electronics & Defense