Benefits for you

Hamilton Workplace offers you the opportunity to create agile and intelligent workspaces. Your collaborators benefit from a connected
collaborative experience which accompanies their performance, improves their well-being, and contributes to modernize the image of your company.

Manage Work Spaces

Hamilton Workplace allows you to manage and to optimize your workspaces through an amazing digital experience based on the maps of your buildings. Thanks to this solution you will administer easily your movements authorizations, meeting rooms and so many other elements stemming from our other applications.

Meet Your Colleagues Easily

Need to meet one of your colleagues? Visualize immediately his working location. An emergency? Find immediately the closest first-aid worker. Hamilton Workplace gives you access to all the data attached workstations and allows you to identify their occupants.

Manage Your Legal Duties

Get rid of paper and complex processes while filling your legal duties. Hamilton Workplace helps you to pilot in real time the authorizations of your collaborators as well as your plans of prevention.

Instant Spaces Booking

Save time by booking immediately a meeting room, a bubble or a Flex Office with the interactive plan. The color code helps you identify rooms and free workstations at a glance links with Hamilton Meeting do the rest.

Top Features

Hamilton Workplace offers you the most complete features to pilot and optimize workspaces while following the important information bound on the occupants. Thanks to our solution you will revolutionize the collaborative experience within your buildings, without neglecting the safety legal requirements.

Manage Residents and Locations

Visualize all workstations and information attached directly from your building maps. Include all the useful data: business unites, cost center, hierarchical link, photo, e-mail and telephone. Every resident can consult his data and correct them if needed.


Safety Compliance

Hamilton Workplace assures you the respect the legal safety standards to which you are subjected. From collaborators authorizations to subcontractors plans of prevention, you check the validity dates and the associated legal documents. The system alerts you in case of anomaly.

Advanced Search

Hamilton Workplace embarks a powerful multicriteria search tool. You want to know all the residents of a space having a particular authorization? You locate them immediately on the map and you can export the list in a click.


Monitor Real Estate Costs

The application allows you to know the cost center attached to every space and to operate a precise rent invoicing. You can easily identify overcapacity or real estate sub-capacities and optimize your workspaces accordingly.

Manage Movements

Thanks to the movement request function, your collaborators visualize their future workstation and inform the competent departments: Space Planning, Cost Control, removal men. The tool adapts itself to your workflows and validation rules to offer to your residents a seamless experience.

FlexOffice & FlexMeeting

Manage your workspaces in Flex Office thanks to Hamilton Workplace. Its graphical interface and its easy handling offer to your collaborators a serene and fluid experience. They can check real time availability, enjoy services wherever they are and organize their work according to their needs.

Smart Reports

Export all data in a click and create detailed reports in few minutes only. Understand the use of your workspaces and identify opportunities for savings.

Multiple Locations & Languages

Our solution is 100 % evolutionary and adapts itself to your organization. You can easily manage one or several sites worldwide by parametrizing their specificities and languages.

We have developed Hamiton Workplace for all those involved in building management with problems of visibility on the exploitation of their spaces. This tool centralizes all information about locations and people, allowing you optimal resource management.

Guillaume Girard, CTO, Hamilton Apps

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