Benefits for you

Hamilton Visitor lets you create a strong first impression with your visitors. It gives your front desk a simple yet powerful tool
to make your check-in process hassle-free, print visitor passes, send invites and notifications for a seamless visitor experience.

Streamline Visitor Sign-In

Your visitors can easily check-in by scanning their ID, passport or the QR code sent in their invitation email. Make your sign-in hassle-free, whether you have one or hundreds of visitors per day.

Secure Your Building

Know who is on the premises. Grant selective access to your visitors as per their visit requirements. Notify your security team with an email or a text message, when a visitor checks in or forgets to sign out.

Upgrade Your Front Desk

Your front desk is the first point of contact for your brand and visitors. Wow, visitors with a simple yet powerful visitor management product and get rid of the visitor log book.

Understand Your Reception

Understand how your reception resources are getting utilised. Put more resources where it is really required. Smart reporting will help your facility team identify resource constraints before they happen.

Get Rid of
Visitor Book

Make visitor onboarding easier with Hamilton Visitor – Visitor Management Sofware. Save your team time, resources and paper. Move in the fast lane and get rid of the visitor book. Pre-register visitors, centrally manage locations and order services – all from one easy-to-use solution that will empower your front desk. Delight your visitors every day with Hamilton Visitor.

Top Features

The best features to help you streamline visitor onboarding. Our unique features are designed keeping in mind the needs of a smart workplace. Welcome your visitor with Hamilton Visitor.

Pre-register Visitors

Pre-register your visitors for a smooth onboarding experience. Your reception team will be aware of the VIPs and authorized guests’ visits in advance. Directory Integration makes pre-registration easy for all residents.

Smart Reports

Export visitor logs with just one click and create detailed reports compiling data of visitors’ in and out time. Use smart analytics features to create compliance reports.

Personalised Invitation

Send your visitors a personalized invitation email with a map and any other important informations. Send your security guide before the guest’s arrival.

Total Security

Integrate with access control system badges for improved onsite security. Implement your pre-approved rules for restricted areas or sites. Manage several types and categories of visitors.

Easy Badge Printing

Use any kind of badge and any printer to print badges directly from the dashboard. Promote your brand by displaying your logo, colours and design on the badge. Moreover, you can customise badges for special events.

Multiple Locations & Languages

Our product is 100% scalable that grows with your organization. Manage one reception or multiple offices across the globe with our solution. It supports all the major languages. Greet your visitors in your local language.

Order Services

Book a taxi for your visitor’s pick-up or drop right from within the sofware. Order additional resources as per the needs of your visitors.

Manage Deliveries

Record deliveries of parcels and letters and notify recipients with an email. Get delivery confirmation signed digitally using a signature pad.

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Hamilton Visitor is used across Safran's sites in France. It helps us manage our visitors better and enhances the security of our premises. Our users and the IT team are highly satisfied with the support provided by Hamilton Apps.

Philippe Rouxel, Project Manager, Safran Electronics & Defense

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