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Hamilton Visitor for iPad

Manage your reception with an iPad …. It’s now possible!

You have probably seen them while walking in a corridor at the cafeteria, tablets gradually invade our workspace. According to the latest Forrester tablet market survey*, at least one tablet out of five would be used in a work space environment. They are compact, modern, ergonomic, functional and easily transportable. They also bring great perspectives for both the final user experience and the Workplace & Facilities team.

In order to serve your needs, Hamilton Apps launches Hamilton Visitor for iPad. Your reception and security teams will never walk around looking for a place to sit with their laptop anymore; the tablet revolutionises the way they work.

The application includes 4 modules :

    • Check in

Registering your visitors has never been easier. Thanks to this module, the reception teams can manage check-ins, check-outs, signing security policy and GDPR, or printing badges. You have total control of your visitor procedures.

    • Signature

The signature module allows you to trigger a step by step document signing process (instructions, policies, GDPR, NDA) from the desktop version to the iPad. It gives your visitors a hassle free, fast-track experience and helps you to reduce the impact of any legal obligations and workpload upon the reception team.

    • Self Check-in

An easy way to automate the check-in process and reduce your reception team’s workload. Upon arrival, Pre-Registered visitors are able to fast-track themselves and acquire a printed badge which can contain their full ID details, authorised access areas and WiFi code.

    • Parking

This module allows your employees to book parking spaces for their visitors, catering for improved management of your parking real estate and contributing to the overall visitor experience from point of entry.

In summary, Hamilton Visitor for iPad will help you streamline your visitor flow, upgrade the visitor experience, and add improved security aspects to your sites.

(1) Source : Cabinet Forrester

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