Travel & Expense Control

Save money. Save time. Be smart!

  • Enjoy complete visibility in combination with smart automation for optimised budget control and significant cost reduction.
  • From initial travel requests to booking and trip approval for employees, even on the go, Hamilton Apps Travel offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to optimize all corporate travel management.
  • Check and change all itineraries and expenses on the go – your employee’s and of course also your own.



Provides 24/7 access for mobile workforces. Designed for today’s world where traveling is an essential part of doing business.

Internal or External Travel Booking

Allows for individual travel bookings as well as bookings through approved travel agencies or internal travel departments.


Easy access to issued tickets, hotel vouchers and other services as well as submitting purchase requests for travel agencies.

Automated compliance evaluation

Offers easy customization of your company’s specific travel policy and subsequently an automated compliance-check of every travel request.


Analytics and statistics for better visibility and continuous optimization.

Works with your workflow

Adjustable for your company’s business travel approval protocol including multi-level approval processes.

Integrated Travel and Expense Reporting

When integrated with HA EXPENSE travel expense reports can be automatically linked to specific trips.

Automated travel document preparation

Hassle-free organization of required travel documents in accordance with both local legislation and company regulations.

Integration with external travel systems

Creates purchase orders and processes invoices directly within an external agency’s booking service following established policies and procedures.

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