Travel & Expense Control

Save money. Save time. Be smart!

  • Reduces costs by automating the complete travel agency invoicing process.
  • No more complicated and time consuming processes.
  • Total transparency on the go.



Provides 24/7 access for mobile workforces with applications designed for use on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Controlled spending

Controls employee expenditures by automating the travel invoicing reporting process. Ensures that company travel- and travel invoice polices are followed. Indicates prior to submitting the report if expenses are in line with the defined policy. Automatic reconciliation of e-invoice and travel order.


Automatically accommodates national business- and legal practices. Built in management of multiple global currencies, travel allowances, varying VAT rates and full compliance with multiple international income tax laws.


Creation of accounting transaction for ERP system upon the approve e-invoice.

Transparency and safety

Complete consolidated financial data for budget control without tax risks.

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