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Save money. Save time. Be smart!

  • Automated and easy to use processes that reduce administrative efforts and also prevent potentially costly errors or missed time-lines from occurring.
  • No more paper based approval processes. No more time consuming manual operations. No more errors, no more loss of documents and no more inefficient internal communication channels.
  • Complete transparency, even on the go.


Compliance needs

Ensures obligatory contract reviewing and approval according to your company’s specific policies.


Full documentation for purposes of internal controlling or for external audits.

Legal certainty

Allows for easy online access to contracts in case of litigation.

Timely turn-around for sales and purchasing teams

Reduces turn-around times for draft versions of contracts and eliminates delays due to manual approval processes so that contracts get approved rapidly without delaying business activities.

Efficient contract approval

Providing contracts and getting approvals fast to reduce the conflict between teams waiting too long or starting prematurely.

Legally approved format

All contracts use the same approved and legally compliant format. Any divergence must be pre-approved by appropriate managers.

Flexible non-standard or variances in contracts

Built-in and easy-to-use variability to process multiple types of contracts according to differences in products, markets, discounts, consignments, inventory, etc.

Contract calendar

Automated reminder notification function to ensure that time lines are met.


Provides 24/7 access for mobile workforces. Manage contracts anywhere anytime.

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