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CustomisationCustomise your check-in process by reflecting your brand identity. You can upload your logo, choose your colours and personalise the conformation or text messages (e.g. Welcome! I’ll meet you in the lobby in 5 minutes).  Create the first impression you always wanted to. Easy InstallationHamilton Visitor Management Software is easy to setup and use. Of course, we are there to help you at all the steps. Express Check-InYour visitors can easily check-in by scanning the QR codes sent in the email. You can on-board walk-in guests quicker by scanning their government ID or passport.

Product Features

Personalised Invitation

Send your visitors an email invitation with a map, directions, PDF attachments, and your phone number for a hassle-free experience and meeting.

Easy Badge Printing

Print badges with any printer directly from the dashboard. Our software works with access control badges as well.

Text Message Reminders

Notify your visitors by sending a friendly text message containing meeting details, a link to the route map and entrance name one day or two hours before the meeting. Your visitor will never get lost.

Multiple Languages

Our software supports all the major languages and currently being used in five languages across the globe. Greet your visitors in your local language. Welcome Bienvenue Willkommen добро пожаловать ようこそ

Multiple Location

Our solution is 100% scalable that grows with your organization. Manage one reception or multiple offices across the globe with our solution.

Total Security

Notify your facility managers or security team with an email or a text message, when a visitor checks in or forgets to sign out.

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