Security & Building

Save money. Save time. Be smart!

  • Efficient resource management of valuable shared resources. And no more waste caused by organizational errors.
  • Enabling your staff to secure the resources they need at the right time – hassle-free!
  • Organize meetings on the go with minimum effort.



Through one centralized cloud app, your team can make their own meeting room reservations, select the services they need, any equipment they require.

Efficient resource planning

Providing increased productivity without major organizational changes by enabling your staff to effortlessly and safely secure the resources they need at any given time. Allows for customization according to any already established work-flow in your company.


The application provides unlimited 24/7 access. It is cloud-based and works on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


Intuitive interface for easy handling. Instant availability-information, instant reservation of venue and additional services and instant confirmation.

Analytics and reporting

See how resources are performing and assess and reallocate resources across single or multisite operations. Instant analytics will help your management team identify resource constraints before they happen.

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