Security & Building

Save money. Save time. Be smart!

  • Continuous tracking of it’s status and maintenance-cycle is the most economical way to manage your buildings.
  • Automates the complete maintenance process and provides complete traceability.
  • Efficiently collect the right information early to share that information with the right people on the go.


Full traceability

All requests are entered directly into a powerful ticket system and routed to the appropriate support team. Email notifications are automatically issued once an application is registered. No request goes unnoticed!

Intelligent ticket organization

The system manages and archives all tickets received. Depending on the type of request, support staff may choose corrective action.

Project management

The system also allows for assignment of specific management criteria, for example priority levels. Additional notifications and reminders can be sent if pending requests are not processed in a timely manner or when a deadline is exceeded.


Users can check the status of their requests at any time.


Provides 24/7 access for mobile workforces with applications designed for use on mobile devices including tablets and mobile phones.

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