5 Reasons Why You Need A Meeting Room Booking Software

I am going to be honest, organising meetings is not an easy task. You have to notify the attendees, order stationery, catering and send reminders to make sure people turn up on the day of the meeting.

All that sounds like a lot of work and it really is. Hold on, we are living in 2018. There has to be a way to fix workspace management problems, right? The answer is, yes. Small and big offices across the globe are using workspace management solutions to better manage their workspace and improve employee productivity.

Here are the five reasons why your organisation needs Hamilton Meeting

1. On-The-Go Meeting Room Booking

The Meeting Room Booking Software lets you book meeting rooms on the go via a mobile or a tablet. You can also book a room at the door using tablets. All you need is a couple of taps and swipe of your badge.

2. Easy Installation & Integration

Meeting Room Booking Software works on the cloud and integrates with your current infrastructure. The workplace technology seamlessly adapts to your ecosystem: support of Active Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO), RFID badges. It’s all about minimal administration and peaceful integration.

3. Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 Integration

Meeting Room Booking Software connects with your existing office calendar: Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. The software empowers the tools you love.

4. Eliminate Double Booking

Remember the time when your meeting was interrupted by your colleague who knocked at the door to check if the room was available? Yes, we all experienced such scenarios. The screens installed at the meeting rooms let your colleagues know which room is empty and which one is occupied.

5. Order Catering & Resources

Order catering, projectors, screens, paperboards and anything else you need for a productive meeting right from the software. All this takes a few clicks and you can set the recurring features enabled for your weekly meetings.


For further information about Hamilton Meeting and our Hamiton Smart Building  Management Solutions, contact our team at global@hamiltonapps.com

Get Hamilton Meeting Room Booking software today to focus on your meeting.